Monday, April 13, 2009

"T2 (Tenement 2)" Grossed P28 Million on its First Two Days of Showing

Despite opening it on a Black Saturday where most Pinoys are still busy doing their week-long Holy Week celebration, the Chito Ro�o new horror film T2 or Tenement #2 was reported to have raked P28-Million gross on its first two days of nationwide showing according to Star Cinema Booking and Distribution department.

This Maricel Soriano starrer also marks a milestone for young star Mica dela Cruz (sister of singer-actress Angelika dela Cruz) and a comeback for former Kapamilya star Camille Prats.

T2 is the story of Claire (Maricel Soriano), a woman who is still reeling from her break-up with her husband Jeremy (Derek Ramsay). As a volunteer for the Save an Orphan Foundation, Claire is tasked to reunite orphans with their relatives. She meets the young Angeli (Mica dela Cruz) and agrees to bring her to her aunt. Accompanied by a fellow volunteer named Elias (Eric Fructuoso), Claire brings the young girl to a run-down building called Tenement 2 (hence the name of the movie). They start experiencing strange occurences as they unravel the true identity of Angeli.

How will Claire and her companions escape the engkanto world that they inadvertently entered? Will Angeli be reunited with her true parents?

Be sure to catch T2 on your favorite theaters nationwide to find out the answers.

Incidentally, T2 was graded "B" by Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB).

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