Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ABS-CBN Launches "Choose Philippines" Website

With the success of the Kapamilya Karavan that brings our Kapamilya talents to different cities nationwide to celebrate their local fiesta with them, ABS-CBN Regional Network Group (RNG) brings the Philippines even more closer to the hearts of the Filipinos worldwide with its new website called "Choose Philippines."

Aiming to help push tourism in the Philippines, the ABS-CBN RNG spearheaded this newest site that will showcase the best of the Philippines. From places to food to personalities to events and the best regional programs, summon yourself to the wonders of the Philippines with just a click! Both local and foreign tourists will continue to discover the beauty of the country as it targets people here and abroad.

With that, picking tourist destinations is now made easier through tourism campaigns and promotions in the net. Tourists from the United States, South Korea, China, Japan, Australia and other countries keep on coming to our Philippines, making tourism put in billions of U.S. dollars to our country�s net tourism income every year and gave and continues to give jobs to many Filipinos. "Choose Philippines" is a RNG�s step in helping boost not only the economic but also tourism industry of the country.

Four major segments were created in the site: "PINASarap" that showcases the different food found in the country; "PINASyal" that highlights various destinations across the country; "PINASaya" that features a look at recent events happening all over the country, and "PINASikat" that introduces various personalities in each area.

The website domains and are still under construction and will be launched on the latter part of the 3rd quarter of 2010.

ABS-CBN RNG is now gathering contents to place on their site through their Facebook page. For contributions and/or suggestions, log on to and click �Like� for daily updates.

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