Monday, June 28, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: It Hurts Me Too

The episode starts off with Tara enjoying everything there is to enjoy about being with a vampire. They head to a cheap motel and Tara tries to take her mind off Eggs. But really Tara come on now. Do you really think this Franklin guy can be trusted? He�s so creepy looking. Sookie shows what a great friend she is and uses some of the money Eric gave her to give Eggs a proper funeral. Tara accepts her grand gesture of apology and moves back in with her. Just when you think things with Tara are going to calm down they don�t. Franklin shows up yet again with his creepy tiny fangs and glamors Tara, manipulating her to let him inside. Tara should just stop answering the door from now on.

Another person trying to maintain a sense of normalcy is Jason. He�s discovered a new purpose in life! He wants to be a cop. Apparently he didn�t realize it required ya know, effort and time because he can barely sit still long enough to study. It doesn�t matter however because he�s still haunted by what he�s hiding. It continues to make him crazy and distracts him from his latest passion. By the end of the episode it looks like he changes his mind about being a cop and burns the application. It�s a shame he did because it looks like there will be a vacancy in the force when Bud quits. I appreciate the great Jason butt shot though.

Arlene goes to the doctor to find out for sure that she�s pregnant. He confirms what she already knows but fills her in on a little surprise. The baby is just over 9 weeks. Judging by the shocked look on her face, she hasn�t been dating Terry that long. Yikes, does that mean her baby daddy is Rene? That�s quite a secret to hold on to. �My baby daddy is a dead serial killer.� Poor Terry is thrilled when Arlene tells him she�s pregnant and she can�t bring herself to tell him the truth. Has it really only been 9 weeks?

Sookie heads to Jackson to find out information about Bill because as we all know, the girl cannot sit still to save her life. She�s accompanied by newcomer Alcide, a werewolf sent to look after her by Eric. I welcome this man�s presence on the show. Just sayin�. We flashback to 1868 and get a glimpse of Bill�s previous life with his wife and children. He returns home from the war, fresh as a vampire, to discover his daughter has been sent away and his son has died from disease. His night gets worse when his wife freaks out at her new undead husband and Lorena shows up to make it worse. I really really hate Lorena.

Bill decides to accept the King�s offer to work in Mississippi with him. It looks like he has sneaky motives and Lorena calls him out on it. It�s a shame Bill didn�t kill her when he set her on fire last week. But if he had killed her, this episode wouldn�t have been �twisted.� Lorena provokes Bill enough to get him to have animal-esque hate sex with her. He�s so disgusted with himself during the act that he twists Lorena�s head all the way around so he doesn�t have to look at her. Ugh. Nightmares! That was some exorcist shit right there. Lorena sickeningly seems to enjoy it and Bill hates himself for what he�s done.

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