Tuesday, June 15, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: Pack of Wolves

Last season ended with Bill�s disappearance and this episode starts where that left off. A frantic Sookie in search of her Elvis impersonating vampire boyfriend. She realizes at once that the police are going to be no help whatsoever so she tries to find a vampire who will be. After some �Lesbian Weirdness� with Pam, Sookie walks in on a very naked Eric and accuses him of kidnapping Bill. Eric has no idea where Bill is and has enough problems of his own. Eric and the Queen have to hide the fact that they�ve been selling V blood to humans. They force Lafayette to sell all of their supply to cover their tracks but something tells me they�re not safe yet.

We�re introduced to Cooter, who i�m going to assume is a werewolf, played by the beautiful Grant Bowler. He and his wolf buddies are the ones who kidnapped Bill. They�re a rowdy bunch and spend most of the time they have with Bill feeding off of him. Who or what hired them and why is unknown. They drain Bill pretty dry but give us a hilarious scene in the process. �Spit the blood into his mouth.� �That�s gay.� �And playing with your tits in a car full of dudes isn�t?� Amazing. �How bout you just call us the fuck you crew?� Even better. I love this new villain already. I hope we see more of him. Bill escapes the wolves and ends up at some old woman�s house in the woods. He promptly bites her and gets his strength back.

Jason is freaking out and having a tough time dealing with the fact he shot a guy in the head. Andy tries to get him to calm down and takes control of the situation by telling the cops he shot Eggs in self defense. Andy encourages Jason to keep his mouth shut and turn his dick on and get back to the slutty Jason we all know and love. More so Jason keeps his mouth shut. But Jason can�t get the image of Tara�s dead boyfriend out of his mind and lets his guilt consume him. Will he keep his mouth shut or confess and land himself once again in jail?

Tara�s grief is overwhelming and she takes it out on everyone around her. Including poor Arlene who is the victim of a classic Tara smackdown. Arlene tries to calm her down and convince Tara that she "gives a fuck" but fails. LOL Carrie Preston is so adorable. Poor Arlene. She�s emotional as it is because SURPRISE! Arlene is pregnant again. Lafayette takes Tara to be with her mom who is thrilled at the opportunity to bond with her baby girl. Tara feigns happiness for awhile but only long enough to lock herself in the bathroom, grab a ton of pills, and attempt suicide.

Jessica has gotten herself in quite the pickle. Remember that guy she bit in the truck last season? Well, girlfriend can�t control herself and she drank too much of him. He croaks on her staircase and she hides the body under the house. Panicking about what to do with the body and how to get rid of the smell, she has no time for Hoyt�s grand gestures of romance. Hoyt�s still pissed at his mama and pining over Jessica so he moves in with Jason. Bffs forever. Sookie asks Jessica to help her find Bill with her vampire senses and together they leave the body to stink up the house.

Last but not least, Sam has put himself on an impromptu road trip to find his birth parents. He finds out they have another son and he follows him home. I wonder if they are shapeshifters too? The most important part of this storyline to me, is the time Sam spends in his hotel. He has a dream that Bill comes to see him in the middle of the night in need of some help and a shower. Lots of sexual tension ensues and they almost kiss. Oh my. More of this please.

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