Monday, June 21, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Beautifully Broken

The episode kicks off with Bill ripping the crap out of some werewolves. Before he can make his way to a very shirtless Cooter the Vampire King of Mississippi shows up on a white horse. It�s all very odd but nevertheless Bill follows his orders. The werewolves are working for the Vampire King and were told to bring Bill to him. The king brings Bill back to his mansion where he holds him hostage. He tells Bill he can leave whenever he wants but really, there�s no free will here. There�s just blackmail and threats. The king wants to know the queen�s secrets and that�s where Bill comes in. In return for his help he will make Bill a sheriff. Bill is clearly not interested and it seems that Eric is the right vamp for the job. The king wants Bill however and doesn�t hesitate to threaten Sookie�s life if he doesn�t get his way.

Sookie, once again showing her inability to sit still, goes to Eric for advice on werewolves. Eric brushes her off and starts to remember his past dealings with werewolves. We�re treated to a flashback scene where Surprise! Godric appears. Sure it�s in the 1600's but I�ll take anything I can get of that cutie pie. Eric and Godric used to hunt a crazy, renegade, nazi werewolf group and it looks like they�re still around. Only this time, they�re going to cause Sookie trouble. Eric goes to her house to protect her and make a few sexual comments while he�s there. His mood changes drastically when he realizes a surprise werewolf is waiting for him in her living room.

Sam finally gets the opportunity to meet his crazy drunken parents when the kid he met last week forces him into the house. His dad is in his underwear and his mom looks crazy. This should have been a red flag for Sam but nothing is going to stop him from getting answers. And he does..kind of. He finds out his mom is a shifter but his dad isn�t. She had hoped he wouldn�t inherit the shifter gene but he did..and so did his brother. They chat for awhile, bond a little, and go off to run around the woods as a couple of dogs. Can his brother really be trusted?

While Sookie is chillin with Eric, Jessica asks Pam for some "hypothetical" advice on how not to kill humans and what to do with the body if you do. In between Hoyt showing up to be sweet and adorable, Jessica rents a chain saw, buys some air fresheners, and finally decides to act on the rotting corpse under her floor. Only problem is it seems like somebody beat her to it. The body is missing.

With Arlene becoming increasingly distant, but never stopping being adorable, Terry sees fit to prove to her what a man he can be. He makes a list of all the reasons he can help her take care of her children but he has no idea how spot on his list is. The timing couldn�t be more perfect as Arlene is hacking her pregnant guts into the toilet. Poor Terry has no clue and I wonder when she�ll tell him. I wonder how he�ll take it when she does. Probably like Zach did on Gilmore Girls.

Last but not least, Lafayette is one fierce bitch and saves Tara from all her pills and her crazy mama. He yells a couple of amazing choice words at Tara�s mom and chucks her into the car and hightails it to a hospital. To prevent Tara from ending up in a padded cell somewhere in crazy town, he tells her how much she means to him and how selfish it would be to leave him to deal with all the crazy in their family. He then takes her to see his mother in a mental institution and we learn that she is the reason Lafayette works so hard to make money. To pay for her medical bills. You would think this would be enough to snap Tara out of it but she proceeds to get drunk at Merlotte�s and beat the crap out of a couple of townies. She finds an unlikely ally in a mysterious vampire who�s definitely hiding his true intentions.

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