Sunday, March 27, 2011

Derek Ramsay Caught Kissing Another Girl in Dumaguete

Couple Derek Ramsay and girlfriend Angelica Panganiban have vehemently denied that the actor has a girlfriend in Dumaguete.

Rumors have it that Derek was seen kissing a girl at the lobby of a hotel in Dumaguete. It was also said that they checked in very drunk and called room service the next day.

Derek admitted that he went to Dumaguete to recruit players for a frisbee team.

Theres no truth to this thing. Nagpunta ako ng Dumaguete para magrecruit ng players tapos may girlfriend na ako? Chineck in daw ako sa hotel na kaming dalawa lang,� he said.

He said the woman the rumors were referring to �is a very nice girl who comes from a decent family. I�ll be going back to Dumaguete regularly coz I�m sponsoring 5 kids from there to play.�

He said she and her friends showed him around the city.

He also appealed to his detractors to stop making up stories.

Nasasaktan din ako guys sa mga nangyayari, sa mga nagagawa ninyo. I know I smile it off but kinda insulting na lagi na lang may babae ako kahit saan ako pumunta,� he said.

Angelica, on the other hand, said she is standing by the actor.

Mahirap po kaming patumbahin, pinatibay na kami ng panahon at pinatibay niyo kami, kung patuloy niyo kaming hihilahin pababa, patuloy naman kaming lalaban pataas,� she wrote on her blog.

Derek, meanwhile, thanked all their fans for their continued support.

Sa fans namin ni Angel thanks for supporting us. Angel and I are very happy. If you don�t like me for Angel sana naman isipin ninyo na lang ang happiness ni Angel. Maybe she�s happy with me. You're entitled to your opinion. You can say whatever you want to say. At the end of the day, decision namin ni Angel if masaya pa kami sa isa�t isa,� he said.

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