Sunday, March 27, 2011

Willing Willie's March 12 Episode Featuring Willie Revillame and Jan-Jan Causes Anger in Cyberspace

The video clip of ''Willing Willie'' contestant ''Jan-Jan'' has triggered a new round of controversy for the show's host Willie Revillame. Dated March 12 and has since circulated on Facebook and Twitter, it shows a six-year-old boy crying while dancing seemingly like a macho dancer. The video has had 273,120 hits as of press time.

Revillame was quoted as commenting on the routine, thus: ''Ganyan ho ang hirap ng buhay ng tao...pinahanga mo ako Jan-Jan. ... Ibang klase ka Jan-Jan... (laughs) May luha pa iyan ha... Kaya niya ginagawa 'yon para sa pamilya.''

Some netizens are outraged over the matter, labeling it ''stupid,'' ''degrading'' and maybe an act of ''child abuse.''

''watch guys. you don't do this to a kid!! shame on willing willie! shame on all the STUPID PEOPLE who clapped!! SHAME!!'' one user said.

''this video shows how WILLING WILLIE made fun with a 6 year-old kid! grabeh! binabastos na yung batang walang alam sa nangyayari sa kanya! tsk! pinilit lang nga siguro yung bata na gawin yung talent niya na yun! tsk! at etong walang PAKIALAM na HOST eh lalong PINAG-LARUAN ANG BATA!!! SHAME ON YOU WILLIE REVILLAME!'' said another.

Even some celebrities tweeted their comments about the viral video.

''iamsuperbianca (Bianca Gonzalez): sad to hear about this youtube clip circulating. this bullying has gone too far.''

''gangbadoy (Gang T. Badoy): I've heard a lot of stories abt Willie Revillame, many say he is kind & generous, some say he isn't. All I know is oncam he bullied a kid; I wonder if TV5 is proud of this clip? TV5, your biggest star picks on a kid. Think about it; I hope MVP sees that video clip of Willie bullying the kid and not ignore nor shrug it off, maski privately reprimand man lang.''

''momblogger (Noem Lardizabal-Dado): I think What Willie Revillame did to this 6 year old kid may be in violation of R.A. 7610 Section 3 (b) ''Child abuse''''

''jimparedes (Jim Paredes): i was disgusted by it. It is child abuse and degrading.''

''KatDeCastro (Kat De Castro): Basta all I can is: kids/minors should never be humiliated on TV. There should be a law on this. Protect the rights of the child.''

One YouTube user posted: ''For those who believe this is an appalling child abuse, please email your concerns to Sec. Dinky Soliman of DSWD ( and MTRCB ( so that appropriate actions may be done... Thank you and let's hope nobody ever humiliates a child like this ever? again, may it be on national TV or not.''

But Jan-Jan's camp is not filing any complaint against Willie Revillame or ''Willing Willie,'' according to ''Paparazzi.''

Lea Salonga tweeted the news March 27, ''The latest c/o Paparazzi: Confirmed that the 6yr old boy that guested on WW is not filing a complaint. He & fam is ecstatic that he made it.''

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