Monday, March 28, 2011

Miguel Villafuerte, Sarah Geronimo's Rumored Suitor

The news that Sarah Geronimo is being wooed by the handsome son of Camarines Sur�s Governor LRay Villafuerte at this point in her life status is a good news and welcomed change for both Sarah, her family, friends and supporters and for those who expresses their sympathy with the two-time box-office queen over the fallen love story she had with Rayver Cruz.

22-year-old Miguel Villafuerte is said to have smittened by Sarah's charms. In fact, he even sent Sarah and Mommy Divine a bouquet of flowers during the premiere night of Sarah�s latest Star Cinema movie, "Catch Me, I�m in Love" with Gerald Anderson. He failed to attend though, because he was in New York.

The Villafuertes is kind of close to the Geronimos. Gov. LRay has produced shows of Sarah in their province several times. The governor also got Sarah to do his tourism plug for CamSur last year. It was during these times that Mrs. Lara Villafuerte (wife of Gov. LRay) began to like Sarah and has told their three boys what a nice young lady Sarah is in real life. Mrs. Villafuerte could have influenced Miguel who, reportedly, has had a crush on Sarah since last year.

Miguel is US-based and will graduate from his Political Science course in a New York university this year. He will soon be re-settling in the country to pursue business or politics.

Let�s see how Sarah responds to Miguel�s suit. After all, she said she has already moved on and her heart is no longer broken.

Facts about Miguel Villafuerte:

Full Name: Miguel Luis Villafuerte
Age: 22
Occupation: Full-time Student, Part-time Entrepreneur - Founder and President of REPUBL1C Inc (exporter of Republic shoes and accessories to the Philippines)
Sports: Billiard and Table Tennis
Favorite Athlete: Manny Pacquiao
Favorite Singer/s: Kanye West and Sarah Geronimo (of course!)

(with Dad, Governor LRay Villafuerte)

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