Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Philippine Azkals - Palestine Game Result: 0 - 0 Draw

After a sad ending of their match against Myanmar last Monday, Philippine Azkals again settled for a scoreless draw with Palestine.

The Azkals didn�t come close to the goal in the first half, and in the second they had a couple of chances, but not as close as the ones they had against Myanmar.

They kept on trying until the final minute of regulation and extra time, but were never really there. James Younghusband, who scored against Myanmar, was never close.

Angel Guirado was a step slower all throughout, nursing a hurting right leg.

The Palestinians had near misses in the first half as the Azkals, once again, started slow.

In the 18th minute, the Palestinians had three successive cracks at the goal, a side net by Ismail Alamour, another one that hit the crossbar and a header from just on top of the six-yard box.

The Azkals couldn�t launch any serious attempt in the first 45 minutes of play and trooped to their locker room with really nothing to show.

The Palestinians got away with a handful non-calls in the first half.

A hurting Angel Guirado, who moved slower that he should, had gone down and rolled over the ground twice in the first 10 minutes of action, and got nothing from the referees.

The closest Palestine got to a goal came in the 37th minute when Khader Abuhammad launched a prayer from near the midfield.

The ball flew high, right toward the goal, and Neil Etheridge looked helpless deep inside when the ball hit the crossbar and bounced off.

The Philippine Azkals match against Palestine ends in 0 - 0 draw score which gave the Filipino booters two points, and left them in a must-win situation against Bangladesh this coming Friday. A loss would mean the end of the road for the Azkals in this Challenge Cup.

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