Tuesday, January 13, 2009

28 Best Celebrity Quotes of 2008

As we welcome 2009, let's look back at the stars' 28 quotable quotes of 2008 (as published in Dolly Anne Carvajal's Inquirer Libre Showbuzz column).

Lea Salonga: "The day Nic was born eclipses everything else in my life. I'd allow her to follow in my footsteps if she wants to. But I'd tell her the pros and cons of the biz."

Dingdong Dantes: "I use love as an inspiration to work. So I believe love must come first. Even at least, love for self."

Gabby Concepcion: "I'm the easiest person to talk to. That's why I find it strange why some people would rather do things behind my back than tell me what they want pointblank."

Cesar Montano: "We should not let the system box us in. A true artist can never work in a box."

Aga Muhlach: "When my mom died, tumigil and mundo ko."

Ogie Alcasid: "The hardest song for me to sing are the songs I dedicate to my loved ones because I get too emotional."

Amalia Fuentes: "There's life after marriage."

Angel Locsin: "I've stopped dwelling on competition. I just focus on doing what I have to do the best way I can."

Rufa Mae Quinto: "After all I've been through in the name of love, I deserve nothing less than a fairy tale ending."

Roxanne Guinoo: "Sobra kasi ako ma-inlove kaya sobra din akong masaktan. But as long as alam kong di ako nagkulang, wala akong dapat pagsisihan."

Diether Ocampo: "Real gentlemen let silence speak. So silent I will remain."

Richard Gomez: "I am basically a man of few words. If my being serious on the set while focusing on work is miscontrued as aloofness or even bitchiness then so be it."

Dennis Trillo: "It's hard to play a superhero because people look up to you especially kids. So I have to really be good on and off screen so I would be worthy to be a role model."

Paolo Bediones: "No matter how cruel life turns out to be at the moment, God is good. Period."

Iza Calzado: "I'm not into gorgeous men. I prefer beautiful souls."

Tweety De Leon-Gonzales: "I love the constancy of marriage, the everyday chance to fulfill my daydreams, whether flirty or serious. I hate that marriage has brought me to a state of vulnerability and emotional dependence. I hate the transparency of my weakness. But then again it wasn't marriage that did all these to me. I think it was more like honest-to-goodness, old-fashioned love."

Ai-Ai Dela Alas: "Bagets lovers are good for the complexion but bad for the wallet."

Marvin Agustin: "If I had to live my life all over again, I would still want to start out poor and struggling. Those trials made me appreciate everything I have now."

Sunshine Cruz: "Most guys di ka papalitan as a girlfriend. Magdadagdag lang sila."

Toni Gonzaga: "It's not how much you earn, it's how much you save."

Vhong Navarro: "I'd rather break a girl's heart by telling her the truth than mislead her with a lie."

Direk Joey Reyes: "I refuse to be labeled as 'Kapuso' or 'Kapamilya'. I'd rather ba called 'Katrabaho'".

Lotlot De Leon: "I've met many guys but none of them are boyfriend material. Besides, I ran away before I fall."

Jomari Yllana: "No matter how bad a breakup is, I never speak ill of an ex-lover."

Miriam Quiambao: "If a guy wants to date me exclusively, he should be exclusively mine, too."

Nadia Montenegro: "I was amazed and appalled at the same time listening to others narrate my life story as they imagined it to be. It sounded like a telenovela unfolding before my eyes."

Lani Mercado: "As long as you know your rightful place as a wife, then you have nothing to worry about. When you feel you are weak, raise it all up to God and leave it up to Him."

Marc Nelson: "I am a citizen of the world having been raised in various places, but I'm a Pinoy at heart."

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