Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jolina Magdangal and Bebong Mu�oz Break-Up - The Real Story

It is finally over!

Jolina Magdangal confirmed the break-up with Bebong Mu�oz, her boyfriend for more than six years.

This was also confirmed by Jolina�s dad, Jun Magdangal, thru PEP and Ricky Lo's Philippine Star column.

"On Christmas Eve, the whole family had our noche buena. The next day, Christmas Day, we were at home entertaining our relatives. On Dec. 26, the whole family went to Tagaytay, except for Jolina who stayed behind because she said she was fixing her things; aayusin daw niya ang kanyang room. She followed us on Dec. 28 and that�s when she very casually told us that she had broken up with Bebong. Ganoon lang ka-simple.�

Even if he noticed that something was "unusual" (like Bebong�s absence at the Magdangal residence last Christmas), Jun said that he kept things to himself and didn�t bother to ask Jolina.

But Daddy Jun was sure that there�s no "third party" in the break-up.

Bebong left on Dec. 30 for the States where he�s going to work for a while. But he still manage to said his piece through a text message sent to Ricky Lo, "I�m in the States for a couple of weeks. I am still trying to understand what is happening and I am not prepared to talk about it. Happy to answer your questions when I sort everything out. I hope you understand. Thanks."

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