Friday, January 9, 2009

Marian Rivera and Richard Gutierrez Team-up in GMA-7's 'Full House'

From the TV station who brought us the local adaptation of My Name is Kim Sam Soon and the soon to be shown All About Eve, GMA-7 is again planning to localized another super hit Koreanovela, that is 'Full House'.

When GMA Network aired the Korean series Full House in 2004, it received a peak rating of 52%. Now, the Kapuso network has decided to make it�s own Philippine version of the show.

As of this post, the leading man role is still reserved for Richard Gutierrez (who will soon star in the local remake of Zorro). He will play the role of 'Justine', originally portrayed by Asian Heartthrob Rain.

And who is Justine?

Justine is a top Korean actor. He does his utmost not to hurt other people and not to be hurt himself. Every movie he starred in became a blockbuster. He is stubborn when it comes to selecting which movies to star in, but he has received much acclaim for his talent. Although Young-Jae always behaves and speaks as he wants, he does that only to protect himself from being hurt and not to hurt others. People think of him as a very candid person, but that is also Young-Jae�s strategy to hide himself � or rather his failure to express himself to the fullest. As one who is unaccustomed to being frank and open, Young-jae is bad at making friends and very proud of his ideals and principles. He deeply loves his childhood friend, Hye-Won, even though she shows him no affection. One day, he stumbles upon Ji-Eun and slowly falls in love with her.

Wilma Galvante also mentioned last year that the role of Jessie Han, the female lead in Full House, is reserved for Marian Rivera. Now, will it be possible that Marian�s next project after And Babaeng Hinugot Sa Aking Tadyang is to be the local 'Jessie Han'?

Jessie is the woman lead character of the drama. It is shown as a cheerful, optimistic and loyal girl to her friends. Naive and not very smart, she is shown as a character with spunk and a good heart as displayed in her never ending quest to be a writer. Her journey with Young Jae(Bi) is filled with trials and (at first) unrequited love. She is best described as an orphaned online novelist who lives in a beautiful house (called FULL HOUSE-named by her father) which she inherited from her parents. Her troubles started when her closest friends tricked her by sending her on a trip to Shanghai so they could sell her house behind her back. When she returned, she found out the house was sold and she had nowhere to go. The person who bought the house is the famous movie star Lee Young Jae and the only way she could stay was if she would be his personal maid.

Do you think Marian could give justice to the role?

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