Monday, October 18, 2010

'Idol' Finale Week

ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida's 'Idol' sets foot on its final episode.

"As much as we want to prolong the show but due to constraints in production, schedules & difficulty in daily tapings, Idol will not able to fulfill its 10-13 week term on air. Mahirap magpaalam lalo pa at naging malapit na sa mga puso natin ang Idol. Patuloy po sana nating suportahan ang Idol hanggang sa huli nitong linggo," according to Biboy Arboleda, the show's advertising and promotion head.

An online report also quoted Biboy saying that high production costs - particularly the royalty fees of songs used on the show - and scheduling problems were the reasons for the early ending of 'Idol.'

Sam, however, added that lack of time resulted in the early demise of the show.

According to the actor, the cast and crew would usually tape an episode in the morning. The same episode would be shown later in the evening.

And with him and Geronimo doing shows abroad, shooting for 'Idol' would be even more difficult, he said.

But rumor has it that the show's low TV ratings were pulling down ABS-CBN Primetime Bida's over-all performance, prompting the network to pull it off the air. The staff of the program, however, refuted the speculations.

Sam said he and the cast of �Idol� were saddened by the decision of the network to cut the show short.

Watch out how 'Idol' marks its last 5 episodes on ABS-CBN. Between Sam and Coco, who will make a sacrifice for the love and affection of Sarah?

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