Friday, October 22, 2010

Mrs. Cecile Ongpauco, Heart Evangelista's Mom Answers Annabelle Rama's Wrongful Statements Towards Heart

Mrs. Cecile Ongpauco, reacts to the harsh statements made by Annabelle against Heart in a presscon held yesterday, October 21, after they (the Ongpaucos) decided not to renew Heart's co-management contract with the Gutierrez matriarch when the contract expires next year, 2011.

At the presscon yesterday, Annabelle called Heart "walanghiya, ingrata, walang utang na loob," and "laos." (click here to read related story.)

Mrs. Ongpauco, said that she is standing by the family's decision "not to renew the co-management contract" with Annabelle Rama and that their family "have always been Heart's main manager."

She added that they have always been "behind all the major decisions, projects, and career moves of Heart" even when they "hired" Annabelle to co-manage the young actress.

Mrs. Ongapuco also ignored the statements made by Annabelle towards Heart. "We do not wish to dignify her wrongful statements towards Heart," she said.

Here is the complete statement of Mrs. Cecile Ongpauco:

We have always been Heart's main Manager and have always been behind all the major decisions, projects and career moves of Heart even when we HIRED Annabelle Rama to co-manage Heart. We do not wish to dignify her wrongful statements towards Heart. And we stand by our decision and it is our prerogative not to renew the co-management contract that we gave to Annabelle when it expires in 2011."

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