Wednesday, October 27, 2010

GLEE Season 2 'Rocky Horror Glee Show' Recap

The Glee kids are still minus Puck, but this week, things get horrific. Will is growing more and more jealous of Emma and Carl and their close relationship so he does what any lovestruck guy would do. He tries to make himself more appealing. Seeing that Emma and Carl have bonded over their love of Rocky Horror, he fibs that he�s been planning the school musical to be a production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Rachel volunteers herself and Finn to be Brad and Janet but Finn has never seen the show. He has no idea he has to be in his underwear and he�s insecure about his body. Aww :( .

Kurt refuses to be the transvestite Frank n Furter (lulz) and opts to take on Riff Raff instead, while the girls share the other parts. Sam willingly takes on the part of Rocky so he�s able to once again spend the majority of the episode shirtless. I�m not entirely complaining. Local news managers encourage Sue to do an expose about the musical�s inappropriate nature and she gets her hands dirty pretending to help out. Seeing that the group doesn�t have Frank n Furter, Carl offers to help. Will insists he auditions for the part and he gives my favorite performance of the night. John Stamos is HOT ya�ll. Santana is practically pouncing on him during his number. Not willing to rock the fishnets, Mercedes takes the role of Frank n Furter and Carl gets Eddie. Anyone else a bit depressed at the tease of John Stamos performing in drag? :(

Will becomes frustrated at how well Carl is doing and asks Emma to be costume designer so he can spend more time with her. If that isn�t enough, when Sam is uncomfortable in the teeny tiny gold shorts, Will decides to take the part of Rocky for himself. Yuck. He asks Emma to help him rehearse and they perform an incredibly awkward version of Touch a Touch a Touch Me. It�s creeptastic and kind of gross. Why hasn�t Will been fired yet? Carl confronts Will about him making moves on Emma and Will is forced to admit he is doing Rocky Horror for himself and not the kids. Worried he may be risking being allowed to have Glee Club at all, he cancels the musical and the kids perform Time Warp for themselves.

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