Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu Break Down During Presscon of Till My Heartaches End; Gerald Brought to Medic for Hyperventilation

Reel partners and (ex) couple Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson, known as "Kimerald," broke down during the press conference of their new movie, Till My Heartaches End, earlier today at the Dolphy Theater inside ABS-CBN compound. Gerald revealed that some Kimerald fans have threatened to pour acid on him and actress Bea Alonzo, whom he has been linked to. Added Gerald, some fans have even sent death threats to him and his mother. They reportedly started receiving the threats after Bea was rumored to have caused him and Kim's break-up.

Gerald could not stop crying while recounting the threats. He excused himself afterwards and did not return to the press conference, leaving the cast and director Jose Javier Reyes in tears as well. The young actor reportedly hyperventilated and had to be brought to the medic. Kim, however, tearfully asked the involved Kimerald fans to stop the threats. She said she is hurting for their supposed targets, especially for her onscreen and rumored off-screen partner.

A couple of hours later, Star Cinema said that "Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson are okay now and are actually on their way to a common appointment together. They just shot a highly emotional scene yesterday and the press conference was their first public appearance together."

Watch the video below:

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