Saturday, October 16, 2010

'Beauty Queen' Begins its Reign on October 18 at GMA-7

The beauty of Iza Calzado shines on GMA�s Beauty Queen.

In the last few months of its yearlong 60th anniversary celebration, GMA Network innovates once more as it brings to light the glamour, the drama, the intrigues, and the controversial secrets surrounding the world of beauty pageants in its newest original primetime series dubbed as Beauty Queen.

Chosen to play the coveted lead role of a poor but pure-hearted palengke queen-turned-beauty queen named Maita is none other than multi-award winning drama actress Iza Calzado, who has agreed to don a two-piece swimwear, confidently revealing her well-toned and curvaceous body.

But more than just showing off her elegance and beauty, the highly talented actress is raring now more than ever to showcase her wide-range in drama, where Iza truly excels and shines at her brightest.

Also pining for the bedazzled crown in Beauty Queen are two equally gorgeous and capable actresses: today�s generation�s premier kontra bida Katrina Halili, who plays the insecure and timid Dorcas, and 2007 Bb. Pilipinas-World Maggie Wilson, who takes on the role of the competitive and ambitious Rebecca.

Competing for the hearts of the three lovely ladies, meanwhile, are award-winning actor and the 1st Filipino artist to participate as a jury member in the Brussels Film Festival Marvin Agustin as the hugely successful Donald, Kapuso hunk Luis Alandy as the passionate Dante, and finally, sough-after primetime leading man TJ Trinidad as the womanizing Marc.

Completing the powerhouse cast are seasoned actors and actresses Elizabeth Oropesa, Bembol Rocco, Carmi Martin, Juan Rodrigo and 1969 Ms. Universe herself Gloria Diaz. Also in a very special role is the master showman, Mr. German Moreno. The program also stars Marky Lopez, Bubbles Paraiso, Victor Aliwalas, Ricci Chan, Tomas Gonzales, and introducing Lou Sison.

The story of Beauty Queen begins with Maita (Iza Calzado), a struggling beauty-queen aspirant, who dreams of competing in the prestigious Bb. Isla Pilipinas beauty pageant. She rushes from one beauty competition to another in hopes of making her mother, Amparo (Elizabeth Oropesa), a former beauty queen who was dethroned after becoming pregnant, proud of her.

Maita shares the same dream with her childhood best friend Rebecca (Maggie Wilson), the daughter of Leavida (Carmi Martin), another former beauty titlist who happens to be the fiercest rival of Amaparo during their glory days.

Despite being aware of their mothers� complicated pasts, not to mention their differing social backgrounds, Maita and Rebecca remain supportive of each other�s goals, allowing each one to shine and be known in their own place and time.

As they reach their adolescent years, Rebecca will finally make it as a candidate in the Bb. Isla Pilipinas, while Maita, on the other hand, will be hired as a staff in the Bb. Isla Pilipinas Foundation (BIPF), an organization spearheaded by the prominent and powerful Madam Yuri Sandoval (Gloria Diaz).

Here, Maita meets Marc (TJ Trinidad), Madam Yuri�s ill-tempered son, who surprisingly softens up to the beautiful beauty queen aspirant. The two of them eventually fall in love, but had to keep their relationship a secret most especially from Marc�s denouncing mother.

Meanwhile, as the night of the competition draws hear, Rebecca confesses to Maita that she is having an affair with a married man, certain than her secret will remain safe with her most trusted friend.

At the day of their press conference, however, Rebecca was confronted by the wife in front of everyone present. Rebecca gets disqualified from the beauty pageant, and blames this entirely to Maita.

Immediately after the scandal, Leavida shifts her focus to Dorcas (Katrina Halili) and trains her, with the help of the revenge-seeking Rebecca, to be the family�s representative to the next Bb. Isla Pilipinas pageant, where Maita is also a candidate.

Maita brings home the crown, to the dismay of Leavida, Dorcas, and Rebecca. Leavida, not one to easily accept defeat, orchestrates a plan that led to the disappearance of Maita, who, by a stroke of fate, ends up in the loving arms of Donald (Marvin Agustin).

Believing that Maita had already died from the accident, Dorcas was assigned to take over her term as the reigning Bb. Isla Pilipinas. But more than replacing her as queen, Dorcas also takes Maita�s place in Marc�s life.

How will Maita claim back her thrown, her pride, and, most importantly, the love of her life? Is it possible for Maita, Rebecca, and Dorcas to share something deeper and more precious than a dream for a coveted crown? In the end, whose beauty will reign supreme?

Beauty Queen, under the helm of multi-awarded director, Joel Lamangan and originally written by RJ Nuevas, has the song �She� as its theme song as performed by the Platinum Prince of Soul Jay-R.

Beauty Queen will commence its glittering and awe-inspiring reign on October 18 after Ilumina on GMA Telebabad.

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