Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Final Four of "Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown" Revealed

The race to become the winner of the biggest reality show in the country has come down to four: Aubrey Miles, Akihiro Sato, Ervic Vijandre and Solenn Heusaff.

Among the intriguing, exciting and sometimes exasperating mix of 18 celebrity castaways who have braved harsh living conditions and nature's deadliest predators, and faced their fears, the Final Four - Aubrey, Aki, Ervic and Solenn - made it to the coveted top spot that puts them within striking distance of winning it all: the P3 million tax-free prize and the bragging rights to being the first celebrity sole survivor.

Who has what it takes to outwit, outplay, outlast, and outshine on primetime?

In the toughest Survivor Philippines edition yet, Aubrey Miles proved to be more than up to the challenge. The sexy actress and hot mama turned out to be "Ang Pasimuno" of the tribe, something she downplays by saying that each castaway has always arrived at his or her own decision. Some have taken to calling her a "villain," while others see her as the brilliant strategist that made this season even more exciting, using her beauty and brains to stay in the game. Whatever else she may be called, Aubrey is certainly one of this season's gems - the castaway with a sweet exterior and a tough attitude that made her a force to reckon with. Will these be enough to help her walk away with the prize?

Akihiro Sato, the Brapanese hunk with a very Pinoy heart. He was no doubt one of the hottest celebs in the country even before he joined Survivor. And as he turned out to be the camp's "Mr. Nice Guy" - the hottie whose smile never wavered even as life in the island became unbearable, the one who quietly toiled and remained one of the physically strongest and most determined among the castaways--he gained even more fans. But the last tribal council did not have an ending that is fit for a "Mr. Nice Guy." Akihiro voted out an unsuspecting Elma Muros, something he deeply regretted afterwards. Could this affect his chances of winning?

Model, socialite, artist, entrepreneur - Solenn Heusaff is all that and, as her awesome run at Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown shows, more. Solenn, "Ang Diwata ng Isla," was a smart player - she knew how to blend in, establish herself as a loyal team player, and was strong and determined enough to stay in the running even during the toughest challenges. Like Aubrey, she is beauty and brains; but unlike Aubrey, she seems to have less "enemies" among the jury. Will this ultimately spell the difference for Solenn?

Because of his hard court stint and his wily moves in Survivor, Ervic Vijandre has been tagged the "Power Player." His strategies and his rock-solid alliance helped him defy the odds and remain in the game. But has he gone too far by supposedly breaking a promise he made to Akihiro during the last immunity challenge? Will his moves steer him to victory or bring him crashing down to the ground?

More heated exchanges, raw emotions, dizzying twists and a shocker of a finale that will determine who will win it all are up ahead as the biggest edition of Survivor Philippines, hosted by Richard Gutierrez, races to its explosive finale.

Who will become the first ever Celebrity Sole Survivor? Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown airs from Monday to Friday, after 24 Oras, on GMA-7.

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