Monday, November 22, 2010

Sharon Cuneta Speaks: Why She is Mad at Aga Muhlach?

The Ai-Ai delas Alas� �Akin ang Tronong �To� concert at the Araneta Coliseum last Friday night was supposed to be a happy event. The audience was there to enjoy, have a relaxing night of songs and fun and laughter...but not after Sharon Cuneta showed on the stage to perform.

As a tradition in a concert like that with star-friends present to give the top-biller moral support, Ai-Ai acknowledged the presence of, among others, Gov. Vilma Santos, Eugene Domingo, ABS-CBN executives led by president Charo Santos-Concio, and Aga Muhlach and his wife Charlene Gonzalez.

And as part of her comedic performance, Ai-Ai did a small talk with Sharon.

This was how that small talk went more or less:

Ai-Ai: Andito si Aga Muhlach. (Spotlight searched for Aga)

Sharon (without any expression): Sino �yon?

Ai-Ai (Pointing to Aga): Hayun s�ya, o. Si Aga Muhlach. Di ba isa s�ya sa naging leading men mo, katulad nina Gabby Concepcion, Robin Padilla, Christopher de Leon at Richard Gomez?

Sharon (still without any expression, without looking where Aga and Charlene were seated): Sino nga �yon?

Ai-Ai: Siguro si Richard ang favorite leading man mo, ano?

Sharon (sidetracking the question): Gagawa kami ng pelikula ni Gabby.

Ai-Ai (Insisting, presumably clueless): Eh, kayo ni Aga?�

Sharon (still without any expression): Alam mo, nagdi-delete na ako ng mga friends.

When asked if she could sing Kung Ako Na Lang Sana, theme song of Sharon�s Star Cinema movie (same title) with Aga, Sharon approached Homer Flores, the musical director, and announced that Homer didn�t have the �arrangement.� Was it a not-so-polite way of saying no?

The way Sharon's face looks like, she was obviously not joking or taking Aga for a ride. The tension immediately filled the Big Dome, and it's quite obvious that there must be something wrong between Sharon and Aga. What has Sharon got against Aga? Is there a bad-blood between the two? Was Sharon getting back at Aga whom she must have suspected of having �rejected� her for a reteam-up movie?

And yes, being a gentleman that he is, Aga (and Charlene) didn't walk out.

The Megastar is prompt to clarify things and in the process make a clean breast of everything.

Yes, she admitted that she does have a little �sama ng loob� (or �tampong kaibigan�) against Aga and it�s because of more than just the abortive movie project that just might land on the lap of Lea Salonga as her and Aga�s second team-up after Sana Maulit Muli.

I felt that Aga has been taking me for granted,� said Sharon on the brink of tears. �He wouldn�t even say if he wanted to still do the movie or not, he kept only on saying, �Okay, okay!� Look, at Star Cinema the only two leading men left na bagay sa akin are Aga and Gabby (Concepcion) dahil si Richard (Gomez) ay nasa ibang company na. If my weight is the problem, at pareho naman kami ni Aga na mataba, I could work double time to lose weight especially since love story siguro ang gagawin namin. Yung movie namin ni Gabby is horror, not a love story, so Malou (Santos, Star Cinema supervising producer) told me na okey lang na mataba ako. Pero if I would do a movie with Aga, magpapapayat talaga ako dahil alangan naman na mukha kaming mag-ina. Maybe Aga wanted mga bagets na leading lady at ayaw niya lang sabihin sa akin. Why can�t he tell me straight kung ayaw niya, di ba?

Of course, Sharon said that she felt bad when she learned that Aga has agreed to do a movie with Lea.

To make a long story short,� Sharon added, �matagal na akong na-i-insulto. I kept things to myself. Ang pangit namang sabihin na niri-reject n�ya ako? Hindi naman ako isang starlet, di ba? We�re supposed to be friends. Bakit hindi niya sabihin sa akin?

There are other reasons.

Sharon said that when her eponymous ABS-CBN show was closing, her staff invited Aga (�Since he�s one of my friends in the business � ilan lang naman silang talagang close sa akin�) to be among those who would say something on videotape as a form of bidding the show farewell. �He declined,� said Sharon. �That would have meant so much to me dahil masakit �yung mawawala ang show mo, di ba?

And that Friday night, Sharon said it hurt her even more that Aga (�Kasama pa si Charlene�) would take time out to be at the Big Dome when he totally ignored Sharon�s concert last August in the same venue. �So I really felt bad,� explained Sharon. �Feeling ko, �Wow, nakaka-inggit naman si Ai-Ai dahil present silang dalawa ni Charlene.� Ang dami kong pinagdadaanan noon and the presence of my friends in the audience would have made me feel better. When I called to invite him, he didn�t commit himself; all he said was, �Basta galingan mo.� I said, �Pero pupunta kayo.� He repeated, �Basta, galingan mo�.�

So when she snubbed Aga that night, Sharon said that she meant it as a joke although the audience mistook it for something serious.

Joke talaga �yon between him sana and me. Wala naman akong balak tirahin siya. Isip ko, nagkakaintindihan kaming dalawa. In fact, nagbiruan pa nga kami ni Ai-Ai after that.�

About Kung Ako Na Lang Sana, theme song of her and Aga�s Star Cinema movie of the same title.

It was Malou who requested for that song. But Homer (Flores, the musical director) and the guitarist didn�t have the arrangement so I sang another song.�

Doesn�t Sharon think that she owes maybe not Aga but the audience an apology for a joke that was misunderstood and therefore taken seriously?

I�m really sorry for that.

After all is said and done, does she still consider Aga a friend?

Oo naman,� said Sharon. �First thing this morning, I texted him a message when I realized that I must have hurt him.�

Moral of the story?

Never let ill feelings get the better of you, especially not in public. The audience should not to be dragged into whatever bad blood there is between whatever stars. That matter must be sorted out and settled somewhere else, not in public, and just between the two stars involved.

Source: RFL

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