Wednesday, November 17, 2010

GLEE Season 2 'The Substitute' Recap

When a bad case of the flu starts going around at Mckinley, Schue goes home sick where he can hallucinate baby versions of the glee clubbers, perform Make em Laugh with Mike, and be stalked by his ex wife. Terri offers to take care of him while he�s sick but he refuses, acts like a douche and tells her to get out. She tries again, only this time with the power of some vapor rub and they end up sleeping together. Ew Terry! He has the flu! Gross! But Schue doesn�t let us down with his known doucheyness and basically tells Terri not to come back because she was a mistake and he was lonely. Nice.

While Schue is out sick, his substitute teacher Holly Holiday (Guest Star Gwyneth Paltrow) takes over the glee club. Can we just stop for a second? Holly Holiday? Who is coming up with these names?? Anyways, she�s not your normal teacher. She�s a �cool� teacher. She can joke around about weed and take the kids to Taco Bell! All the makings of a fine teacher. She�s a breath of fresh air for the club however when she announces they can sing whatever they want. This is fantastic news for the group who have been growing tired of Schue and his old fashioned tastes. Holly shows the kids how to have fun with Glee (like they don�t already know) and they all perform Cee Lo�s Forget You.

Sue is the new principal of Mckinley! Bah! Is that gonna last? Is Figgins really gone? Things are looking bleak for anyone without a heart of stone at the school when Sue begins her reign of terror. She wants to disband the football team and of course Glee. I can never keep track of her friendship with Will but apparently she�s bored of it this week. Next on her list of things to go? TATOR TOTS. Dun dun dun. This is devastating news for Mercedes who apparently cannot bring her own lunch to school and has no idea what broccoli is. It�s like a bad Jamie Oliver parody. She�s having a bad week in my opinion what with losing her tots and having Kurt treat her like poo.

He�s been blowing her off to hang out with his new obsession Blaine. Now don�t get me wrong Kurt, you hang out with him all you want if it means I get to see him. But don�t be mean to your friends. :( I can�t really figure out what Kurt�s problem is with Mercedes this week. He�s acting like she�s embarassing him by existing and that she�s overstepping her boundaries by wanting to hang out with him. He tries to set her up with the only black guy in school and she gets offended. She tags along on a hangout session with him and Blaine anyway but it�s a little too gay for her liking. Kurt lays it down and tells her she needs to get a boyfriend and stop using him to fill her loneliness void. Ouch. Can�t they still be friends? She should have thrown her tots at his face.

Schue has it out with Holly for taking over his job and being better at it than he is. They clash over their methods but eventually see eye to eye. They get together and join forces to create a mashup of his classic tastes (Singin In The Rain) with her contemporary tastes (Umbrella).

What did you guys think? I must still be on a high from last week because I didn�t love this one. While I�m impressed by Paltrow�s voice, I�d rather see the kids perform more instead of having her in every number. I feel like Kurt puts me through an emotional rollercoaster. He�s mean to his friends but then gets threatened by his bully and I feel sorry for him.

Wouldn�t it be amazing if Terri ended up pregnant this time for real?

By Noelle at Rickey

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