Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hermes Bautista Pairs Up With Pokwang in 'Wansapanataym Machete'

Hermes Bautista caught everybody�s attention while inside Pinoy Big Brother�s house. He was that guy who got himself caught in a love triangle with fellow PBB housemates. Apart from that, people remember him for his long, jet-black hair.

When he was booted out, everyone thought he would simply disappear. Since he was working as a nursing assistant in San Francisco when the Big Brother team of the Kapamilya network found him in California in an audition, many expected him to return quietly to his pre-Big Brother life.

No, he didn�t. He stayed, and signed with Backroom, the talent management founded and owned by Boy Abunda.

Surprise of all surprises, Hermes (he says he wasn�t named after the expensive brand that parlays bags costing hundreds of thousands of pesos, but to the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology.)

The American-born-San Fernando, Pampanga raised actor wannabe says, �If given an opportunity on television and the movies, he would definitely make show business a career.�

After playing an insignificant role in an episode of Your Song that also starred fellow Big Brother alumni, he went on to play a role in Elias Paniki.

Now, he plays Apitong, a statue that turns into a human being at night, in an upcoming episode of ABS-CBN�s Wansapanatym, which airs Saturday night. Hermes stars opposite comedienne Pokwang in the episode.

According to Hermes, the episode is based on the Machete character, but the producers, after learning that Machete has been acquired by a rival network, decided to tweak the story and give it a dash of comedy, hence the Pokwang role opposite his.

The role fits Hermes to a T. He has the height and an Adonis-like physique. His long, jet-black hair is also an envy of many men and women. Who knows maybe next time Hermes will star in a shampoo commercial for men?

Now that he is in showbiz, Hermes wants to be known as a versatile actor. �I am excited in this new endeavor and I hope that I will be given the chance to portray various roles that will show my versatility. I am willing to accept whatever projects being offered to me,� he enthuses.

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