Wednesday, November 24, 2010

GLEE Season 2 'Furt' Recap

Someone�s getting married! Kurt�s dad and Finn�s mom announce they are getting married and Kurt is ecstatic. He immediately starts planning the wedding before it even registers in Finn�s brain what�s going on. I just love Burt. He references Lost and is just an all around cool guy. Finn sure is a confused boy. He�s losing his cool factor and the leadership he once held is dwindling. With Sam in the picture, the rest of the kids no longer look to Finn like they used to. Sam is busy being overly sweet and nice to Quinn while he proposes to her with a promise ring. I�m still holding out hope that he�s bi or something.

Burt isn�t the only one getting married. Sue is too! To herself. In a blue tracksuit wedding dress. It�s pretty fab. Sue�s mother (Carol Burnett) comes to town to visit her girls but they are less than thrilled to see her. The Nazi hunting mother that left them doesn�t inspire a warm welcome. Sue does however consent to sing a duet with her and they perform Ohio? Dang look at Carol go. She�s still got some amazing pipes. Sue happily marries herself and takes the time to tell her mother just what a bully and a bad mom she was for so many years. The good thing is, it made Sue stronger and that�s why we have the Sue that we have today.

So Kurt is still being bullied by Karofsky. Seeing how this is affecting him, the girls from glee who have boyfriends get together to try and encourage their men to stand up to Karofsky. Some of the guys are hesitant; Puck is on probation and Finn doesn�t want to get involved, but when the school refuses to do anything, Mike and Artie step up to the plate. It ends pretty ugly. Karofsky sends Mike flying into Artie who in turn sails right out of his chair. I gasped out loud and stared wide eyed as Sam jumped in to kick some ass. Even Puck looks shocked at what is going down during the locker room brawl.

Kurt, Finn and Burt start practicing for the wedding at Mckinley. New Directions will be the band and Burt and Finn need to work on their dance moves. While rehearsing, Burt observes Karofsky harassing Kurt and asks him what�s going on. After some prying, Kurt finally admits that Karofsky threatened to kill him. Burt flips out and runs into the hall to confront him. And by confront, I mean Burt uses his elbow to pin Karofsky to a wall. He goes to Sue who is still the principal and demands she do something. Sue is a victim of bullying herself and wastes no time in expelling Karofsky.

The wedding is an emotional happy affair. The kids sing Marry You down the aisle and Burt and Finn�s mom gives touching speeches about how happy they are that they and their children have a chance to be a happy family together. Finn, realizing he needs to step up his game in the step brother field, waits for Schue to finish murdering Michael Buble�s Home, and takes the stage. He apologizes to Kurt and embraces their brotherdom of Furt and sings Just The Way You Are (the Bruno Mars version) to him.

It�s all happiness and smiles while everyone is dancing together until school the next day. Kurt�s family learns that Karofsky is back in school after the school board determined there was no proof to his violence. It�s a great portrayal of how some schools don�t do enough to combat bullying. They don�t see it as a big enough deal, they don�t see it as their problem, and so horrible things can happen. Sue is so disgusted that she resigns as principal and goes back to her old job in protest. Kurt�s parents decide to help their son and give up their honeymoon so he can afford to transfer to Dalton Academy.

By Noelle at Rickey

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