Friday, November 26, 2010

'StarStudio Plus: IDOL' Captures Robin Padilla�s One-of-a-Kind Journey

With a life that has fascinated millions from his breakthrough starrer Hindi Pahuhuli ng Buhay in 1989, Robin Padilla has cemented his status as one of the most indelible icons and recognizable idols of all time. At his peak, Robin was christened by the entertainment press as the �lalaking Nora Aunor� because of the kind of mania that accompanied his phenomenal rise. And in Robin�s case, it seems that the public never tires of learning more about the man.

ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc. addresses that clamor with the launch of the first ever issue of StarStudio Plus, a brand extension of the popular monthly magazine StarStudio. StarStudio Plus: IDOL is divided into three sections�Robin Padilla�s past, his present and the future. No less than a team of investigative journalists and a slew of talented lifestyle writers have joined forces and genius to come up with a descriptive, easy-to-digest yet compelling portrait of the star.

Each account is supported by beautiful, throbbing photographs captured by master lensman Jun de Leon, one of the star�s earliest mentors and a friend of long standing.

Learn about Robin�s growing up years with a gang of rowdy brothers, a nurturing mother and a father whom he openly worshipped. One vivid memory of Robin�s past was the assassination of his father, the late Governor Casimiro �Roy� Padilla Sr. in 1988 when the boy who would be known as local showbiz�s Bad Boy was nearing 19. �Ako po ay nakatayo sa labas ng bahay po,� goes Robin�s recollection. �Dumating si Junior, �yong pinsan ko. Sabi n�ya, ��Tol, �wag ka mabibigla, si Papa mo binaril, patay. Napaupo ako doon sa sidewalk, ang tagal-tagal kong nakaupo do�n. Parang hindi totoo.�

Unravel never-before-published anecdotes about Robin�s entry into the scene at a time when the biz was lorded over by the so-called matinee idols. The image of an action hero clad in leather jackets, cowboy�s hats, and berets, with greased hair and boots was soon being copied by teenage boys. Robin�s success surprised even he himself. �Hindi ko pinangarap ang stardom. Pang-pogi �yon. Akala ko, hanggang kontrabida lang ako sa pelikula at gagawa ng mga fight scenes.�

Never has Robin Padilla�s confessions been so revealing than the ones documented in the pages of StarStudio Plus: IDOL. The star remembers the reel-life persona spilling over into real life. �Ayoko nang makulong ulit,� he says of the prison years. �Kailangan alam mo ang batas. Ang batas po kasi natin, pang-sira ulo. Ang batas natin, may pinipili, kaya kapag hindi mo alam ang batas, kawawa ka.�

But what is a Robin Padilla tome without a section dedicated to the star�s colorful, checkered love life? And if your knowledge of it dates back to his romance and marriage to Leizel Sicangco, StarStudio Plus: IDOL offers exclusive information on the women who got involved with this showbiz Casanova other than the ones that reached the press. Other sections of this special edition bookazine explores other facets of Robin�s present and future: the road to Islam, his special father-and-son bonding moments with youngest child and only son Alih, the marriage to Mariel Rodriguez and how Robin hopes to be remembered. �Gusto kong maging aral ang buhay ko. Balang araw, kapag nabanggit ang pangalan ko, sana masabi nila, �Ito ang ginawa niya.� Para kapag napagkuwentuhan ka naman, may aral na mapulot.�

Packed in 104 pages, StarStudio Plus: IDOL is a searing yet enjoyable account of one man�s continuing journey made even more palatable by photographs taken by Jun de Leon from India to Camarines Norte side by side milestone photos he has taken of Robin through the last twenty years and more snaps from the personal library of the actor.

This is simply Robin Padilla as you�ve never witnessed before.

Star Studio Plus: IDOL out now at all magazine stands, bookstores and selected supermarkets nationwide.

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