Monday, June 27, 2011

2NE1 "I Am The Best" Music Video; Dara Park "Dragon Ball" Inspired Hairstyle To Set Trend in Korea

K-pop girl group 2NE1 has just released their latest single �I Am the Best� which they performed for the first time on SBS �Inkigayo� last June 26.

But not only their new song that is earning numerous recognitions and high hits on Youtube, Dara Park's anime-inspired hairstyle similar to Dragon Ball�s Vegeta character where her hair has been made to stand up is also getting a lot of attention and is starting to set trend in Korea.

On her me2day account, Sandara playfully wrote on June 27 that she is now �Daragonball� because of her hairdo.

Yesterday I met Chundoong at Inkigayo! But, when I came home and watched our first performance I was worried! I always wanted to be the "pretty" noona to him but my appearance yesterday was? "Dara"gonball... Doodoong! So I asked him! "Did I...look humiliating?" And Doongie said "Nope!" while smiling at me! As expected my younger brother!!!! He's so nice!� Sandara posted according to a translation by fan site

2NE1's �I Am the Best� music immediately garnered honors including the No. 3 Top Favorite video in the music category, No. 2 Top Favorite and No. 2 Top Rated video in South Korea after its day of release.

The song also tops music charts. Instiz, a music ranking site in South Korea, declared the song as a �perfect all-kill� for achieving No. 1 on various music charts including Dosirak, Cyworld and Mnet.

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