Monday, August 16, 2010

Meet the 18 Castaways of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown...The biggest, hottest and most explosive edition of Survivor Philippines!

Survivor Philippines, Celebrity Showdown is set to conquer TV screens this August on GMA Network! An intriguing and exciting mix of 18 celebrity castaways brave harsh living conditions, nature's deadliest predators, and face their fears in their bid to be the first celebrity sole survivor. Meet Season 3's castaways in the toughest Survivor Philippines edition yet.

Ahron Villena - Will this young actor's boy next door good looks and charm work to his advantage? How long will he be able to keep himself in the game? "Ang Bolero" ng isla� will he be booted out as soon as things get serious?

Aira Bermudez � The "Dancing Warrior" � this feisty Sexbomb dancer is sure to bring added spice to life in the island. Will her moves bring her closer to the three million prize, or will her performance be cut short before this season�s climactic ending?

Akihiro Sato - The Brapanese hunk with a very Pinoy heart is no doubt one of the hottest celebs in the country. "Mr. Nice Guy" in camp � will his smile waver as life in the island becomes more than unbearable?

Aubrey Miles � Sexy actress� hot mama� "Ang Pasimuno" � her sweet exterior yet tough attitude makes this castaway a force to reckon with. Will she use her beauty or brains to stay in the game?

Buhawi "Buwi" Meneses - The bassist of popular band Parokya ni Edgar, he is the idol of the youth and hero of his child. With the heart of a true "Tribe Leader" � will he step up to the plate or back down from the fight?

Elma Muros - A be-medaled athlete who finds herself competing in unfamiliar ground. This season's "Strong Mama" � will she be a threat to be reckoned with or will she be this game's underdog?

Ervic Vijandre - A "Power Player" in the hard court, will his moves steer him to victory or bring him crashing down to the ground?

Doc Ferdz Recio - Born to Be Wild's resident vet, Doc Ferds Recio, seems to be at an advantage in this game. Considered "The Boss" in the outdoors, this castaway is not one to back down from a challenge.

Ian Batherson - This Starstruck V finalist has been known to be a tad too straightforward, sometimes tactless, a little bratty and so much of a naughty boy. Will this "Pilyong Amboy" get his way in the island?

Jon Hall � Ang "Siga ng Isla" � hot headed model and hunky boyfriend of a popular young actress. Will he be able to bully his way through the toughest Survivor Philippines yet?

Karen delos Reyes � This generation's "Taray Queen", her flair for words and animated reactions will sure to keep castaways on their toes. Will she find new friends in the island or add to her growing list of foes?

Michelle Madrigal � Sometimes the villain, at times the heroine, "The Outcast" of this game � many wonder if she has the strength of mind and body to survive such grueling conditions.

Mico Aytona � One of the young ones in the line-up, this "Bibong Bunso" has made his mark as the teenage boy everyone loves to love. Charming, witty, and oh so friendly, will his image stand the tests of the island?

Moi Bien - This "Yayang Palaban", most known for her role in the hit movie KimiDora, has taken her offcam work as a real-life personal assistant to the stars to a whole new level. Will she stand her ground against the stars she more often bows down to, or will she be again relegated to the background when the cameras start rolling?

Myka Flores � From dakilang extra to "Bidang Extra" -- Bubble Gang's Mykah Flores now has a chance to outshine her co-stars in a game where survival is key to fame and fortune.

Princess Snell - She's sugar and spice and everything nice... or is she? Known to be "Pasaway" will she get support from her purported boyfriend while in the island?

Solenn Heussaff - She's a model, a socialite, an artist and entrepreneur... and she's also super hot. "Ang Diwata ng Isla" -- does she have what it takes to add another dimension to her enigmatic personality?

Pretty Trisza - This stand up comedian is a favorite at comedy bars. But will her "Cheerleader" enthusiasm sit well with the seriousness of purpose in the island?

36 Days, 18 Castaways, all vying for the title of being the first celebrity sole survivor. Who will get the job done? Who will come undone? Who will outwit, outplay, outlast, and outshine on primetime?

Get ready for a tough and intriguing season. Catch the biggest, hottest, and most explosive Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown this August, only on GMA Network!

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