Tuesday, August 17, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: Everything Is Broken

Nan Flanagan shows up once again and brings the Vampire Feds with her to punish Eric for his indiscretions. If only they knew half of what he's done. The "Authority" takes Eric's statement about everything Russell has done. Eric's quest for revenge is now known to everyone. Pam must sense what I do in Eric; that he has little to live for..or as much as a vampire can live for, and his actions are becoming thoughtless. The feds however want nothing to do with the mess Eric has created. They're going to pretend none of it ever happened and encourage Eric to take care of Russell on his own. Off the books. Here we go.

I�m really not enjoying Jason's new storyline with this Crystal girl. I know she's probably something supernatural but either way, she's annoying me. And she's probably going to take Jason down with her. He's starting to piss me off with the lengths he's going to for this chick. Jason saves her yet again from her crazy boyfriend and ties him to a tree somewhere. This gets a fellow deputy killed and it's obvious Crystal is hiding whatever it is these people are.

Sam's brother is acting way out of character in this episode. At least for me. He's throwing loud parties with lots of nakedness and he's pissing off Arlene. Now that�s just dangerous. Arlene is an emotional mess and tells the new waitress (who's creepy and probably hiding something herself) that the baby isn't Terry�s. Aww. She encourages Arlene about other ways to �resolve� not having the baby. What the heck did she mean by that? Tommy's constant criticism of Sam letting people walk all over him finally gets to him. He snaps and beats the crap out of Crystal's hick dad who shows up to Merlotte's again. By the end of it he looks like a bloody bag of nothingness. Ouch. That's gonna have repercussions.

Tara goes to group therapy for rape and trauma victims and meets up with Holly. I wonder what she�s hiding. The group definitely gives Tara some strength and confidence in herself and you bet it comes in handy when she gets a shock outside of Merlotte's. Franklin shows up very much alive. I cheer but Tara isn�t as happy as I am to see him. He�s super angry and tells Tara that he couldn�t believe she didn�t appreciate his love for her. Tara tells him off with her new confidence and just when I think we�re about to get a great crying scene from Franklin, Jason shows up. Franklin bares his fangs undeterred but then Jason one ups him. Jason kills Franklin with a wooden bullet. Nooooooooooooo. Okay, I know he was a violent psychopath but he was my favorite. Sigh. Maybe Franklin and Godric can have a spinoff somewhere.

Sookie confronts Bill on the file he has on her. He looks visibly uncomfortable but seems to be truthful in what he tells her. Seems to. He tells her he collected information on her because he was curious why Eric was so interested in her. Whatever Bill. It all comes down to what Sookie is and why she has her powers. Will we find out this episode? Nah. But we got some clues. Hadley meets up with Sookie and takes her to see her son Hunter. Hadley begs Sookie to find out of Hunter is like Sookie. He is and can talk to Sookie with his mind. I guess whatever they are runs in the family. Hmmm.

Bill has one of those weird fairy dreams that Sookie had in the hospital. What triggers these? Is he having one because of all the blood her took from Sookie? Bill speaks with Claudine in the dream and apparently finds out what Sookie is. Naturally the scene ends there and we don�t get to hear. Anyone else kind of giggle when Bill tried to appear innocent to Claudine but then immediately bare his fangs? Fail.

Russell shows up on the 11 o clock news to kill a few reporters and avenge the death of Talbot. He lets the world know that vampires and humans coexisting is bullshit. Vampires are all violent and superior and things are about to get real. The war is starting.

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