Sunday, August 22, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: I Smell a Rat

The episode wastes no time getting into it this week and they give us a major reveal. Sookie is a Fairy. Oookay then. Bill describes it as being similar to an alien. That will sure make Sookie feel good. I�m not familiar with Fairies but if you can read minds and kick ass with your "light" then it doesn�t seem so bad. Bill takes up watching Sookie, protecting her from werewolves because Sookie still trusts him. I would have kicked him out a long time ago. Especially after Tara reveals to Sookie that Bill left her to be raped and abused by Franklin.

If one thing is clear in this episode, it�s that almost every character is being haunted by memories of their past and secrets they�re keeping. First up is Sam, who as we all know has a history of being walked all over. What we didn�t know is how tragic it was. It seems Sam used to use his shifting gifts to rob banks and such for jewels and cash with his girlfriend. Unfortunately for him, she was using him for the money and has her boyfriend steal everything from him. Sam doesn�t take it lying down and shows up with a gun to their campsite. He gets his money but before he can get out of there, his ex girlfriend shoots him in the shoulder and Sam accidentally kills her with his gun. He�s distraught for about two seconds until he kills her boyfriend who witnessed it all. Damn. Sam has got some deep demons.

Lafayette and Jesus try to save Crystal�s dad and end up giving him some Vamp blood. He�s an ungrateful douche, spews some hate, punches Crystal for wanting to be with a human (Yes that was confirmation that she is indeed not human) and leaves. Without a dying man in their care, Jesus convinces Lafayette to have a little fun and take some V. They have a really bizarre experience that includes a dance party with a Virgin Mary, and discovering each other�s ancestry. Apparently they both have a little witchcraft in them. Well, that�s something to bond over. Jesus� grandparents dabbled in magical remedies and black magic sorcery, while Lafayette�s grandma was a conjurer. This ought to be interesting.

Jessica and Arlene still aren�t getting along. When Arlene watches Steve Newlin on tv ranting about vampires being monsters, Jessica tells her off and calls her out on her horrible red hair dye. Teehee. Tommy uses this opportunity to hit on her but she shuts him down. What is up with him? He looks like an elf. I would expect him to morph into a Chihuahua. Arlene finally breaks down and tells Terry he isn�t the baby�s daddy. At first I thought he was gonna flip out with his rage problems and knock her out (Phew) but he doesn�t. He tells her it�s okay and he�ll raise the baby as his own and they�ll prevent it from being evil with a lot of love. Gotta love Terry. Apparently though that isn�t enough for Arlene who goes to the new waitress, revealed to be a Wiccan, and asks about ways to get rid of the baby. Poor Terry.

Hoyt shows up to tell Jessica he loves her. He broke up with Summer and only wants to be with Jessica. When Jessica can�t tell him she loves him back, poor Hoyt leaves looking heartbroken. Jessica, girl what is the matter with you? He is in no mood for Tommy, who follows him outside to be a little shit and make fun of him and Hoyt immediately punches him in the face and keeps on walking. LOL. So effortless. Tommy transforms into a dog and mauls Hoyt. Bastard! Jessica runs to save Hoyt and feeds him her blood as she tells him she loves him. Yay! Jessica and Hoyt forever.

Jason has reached the breaking point after killing Franklin. He confesses to Sookie about killing Eggs and tries to make things right with Tara. However, when she kisses him, he confesses to her too. I half thought she was gonna murder him right there. She�s stunned and leaves and Jason has more to worry about when Sookie disappears to go see Eric. That�s not all. There�s a panther hanging out in his bedroom and Crystal reveals herself as a werepanther. What the heck?

Eric seems to be accepting the inevitable and writes his will; leaving everything to Pam. Pam wants him to fight for his own life like he would have fought for Godric. Godric was so awesome. When Sookie shows up for answers on why she shouldn�t trust Bill (ugh), Eric spouts some B.S. about wanting to kiss her at least once before meeting his true death. They make out for real this time and it isn�t a dream. Eric then promptly locks her up in the basement. Stupid girl. Does Eric have a plan or is he using Sookie for her powers?

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