Thursday, August 26, 2010

NEWSFEED: I Heart You Pare - Starring Regine Velasquez Soon on GMA-7

ABS-CBN: Johnny Manahan's answer regarding Claudine Barretto's threat to file lawsuit against Angelica Panganiban: "Go Ahead. Sue, Claudine. Make our day! Para Bellum." ("Para bellum" comes from a Latin adage si vis pacem, para bellum that means "If you wish for peace, prepare for war.")

TWITTER: Nobody can stop Claudine from filing libel and/or slander suit against Angelica Panganiban. Even her husband Raymart Santiago or Mr. M can't stop her.

"Magharap na lang kami sa korte!It�s too late for an apology. I gave her so many weeks na." she said.

"I don't think it's fixable." Claudine added.

GMA-7: "I Heart You Pare" is the title of Regine Velasquez' next dramedy series on the Kapuso network.

AGB Mega Manila People Ratings August 24: Hirit 3.7/UKG 3.1; Doraemon 3.8/Spongebob 2.1; Conan 3.8/Knockout 3.2/KC 3.1; Mister 1.7/Danz 2.2/Kapuso Movie 4.4/Ms. Universe 10.6; Bulaga 8.5/Showtime 5.8; Lola 5.5/Win Na Win 4.3; Trudis 6/Rosalka 3.4; Ginto 6/Impostor 3.8; Wipeout 3.7/Panahon 2.6; Hole 5.6/Beautiful 5.2; Langit 8.6/Spin It! 9.5/Momay 9.6; Oras 16.4/Patrol 14.4; Kerubin 14.5/Noah 14.2; Ilumina 13.1/Agua 15.5; Endless 13/Magakribal 11.9; Eden 7.2/Kristine 9.6/SNN 5.1; Saksi 6/Bandila 2.8; Reporter's 3.9/Correspondents 2

VIVA FILMS: Because of their highly successful movie "In Your Eyes", GMA Films and Viva Films are now preparing for their joint follow-up movie which again stars Anne Curtis and Richard Gutierrez with working title, "Maybe This Time".

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