Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Ang Yaman ni Lola" Premieres This Monday, August 23 on GMA-7

Nanette Inventor who is widely known as "Donya Buding" will now play as as "Lola Barbie" in "Ang Yaman ni Lola," the new realiserye on GMA-7.

Ang Yaman ni Lola is a sitcom and reality show combined, featuring Nanette Inventor as Lola Barbie, a rich and generous lola who shares her riches by hiring workers every week.


Lola Barbie, a former housemaid who marries the son of her rich "amo" but remained childless. She inherits all the family�s wealth so she decides to share her riches by holding a contest each week for real people who try to outdo each other in their assigned challenges inside her fabulous villa in Pampanga. For the show�s first week, her guests will be housemaids or kasambahays. For the second week, it will be beauty parlor workers and, on the third week, kargadors. People from various professions will be invited later. As they try to outsmart each other, someone gets eliminated each day until the last man standing wins a prize of P100,000.

Lola Barbie's kind gesture is resisted by the family�s lawyer, Kimberly Cabagnot (Sheryl Cruz), who wants to inherit Lola�s fortune intact. She makes life miserable for the contestants.

Also in the cast are Benjie Paras as Benjo, Sheryl's henpecked husband who's a former cager turned movie star and now househusband to their two kids, Joyce Ching and Aaron Novilla, and Patricia Ysmael as the Mayordoma and Fabio Ide as the Handyman-driver. "Boytoy ko rin pero di ko pinapatulan," says Nanette, who doesn�t mind playing "lola" since she�s one in real life. "I have three apos in the U.S. who I visit every year."

Ang Yaman ni Lola starts on August 23, Monday, after Eat Bulaga! on GMA-7.

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