Thursday, February 7, 2008

HOLLYWOOD's Most Influential Couples

To determine which couple landed in's A-list of Hollywood's 12 Most Influential Couples, continue reading below:

No. 1: Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt
Pitt first sent the media swooning when he left wife Jennifer Aniston for his Mr. and Mrs. Smith co-star. Since then, the globe-trotting couple, well-known by their tabloid moniker "Brangelina," has managed to stay ever-present in the press. Whether it's a new child, a new project or a new city of origin, the gorgeous pair is rarely without a news peg for the media to feast on. The latest development for the tabloid magnets: pregnancy rumors.

No. 2: Kate Moss And Pete Doherty
Though the super-model and her on-again, off-again beau called it quits in July 2007, they lingered on as a fixture in the press, thanks to their drama-heavy history and lurid antics (reported drug use, public spats and dangerous stunts). Moss has been linked to The Kills' guitarist Jamie Hince since the break-up, while Doherty reportedly rebounded with fashion model Irina Lazareanu, only to break it off after a month-long engagement.

No. 3: Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban
Since tying the knot, the Aussie couple has managed to serve up beauty, talent and plenty of buzz. But rather than focus on their budding romance, it was Urban's fast foray into rehab that kept the magazines--and the public--tuned in. Kidman's pregnancy promises to keep the power-couple very much in the limelight for many months to come.

No. 4 (Tie): Demi Moore And Ashton Kutcher
Thanks to Moore and Kutcher's drastic age difference and unique family dynamics (her ex-hubby Bruce Willis vacations with the pair), the fan-friendly pairing ranks high on the list. In fact, the only area in which the bold-face couple seems to fall short is in their ability --make that inability-- to generate scandal.

No. 4 (Tie): Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise
In recent years, the Top Gun star has proved he's adept at serving up drama both on-screen and off. His relationship with the Dawson's Creek alumna has been scoring headlines almost from the start. Between their devotion to Scientology, their picture-perfect daughter and their much-publicized passion for each other, the married couple is a tabloid staple.

No. 6: Pamela Anderson And Rick Salomon
The Baywatch babe's rocky relationship with a man famous for high-profile trysts offered more tabloid fodder than it did marital bliss. After just two months, Anderson filed for divorce, only to follow up with public statements about wanting to stay together and work through their troubles.

No. 7: Tracey Edmonds And Eddie Murphy
The Hollywood couple may have trouble with matrimony, but publicity they've got down. After a rumor-filled year together, the couple exchanged vows on New Year's Day on a private island off Bora Bora. The catch? They split up two weeks later, before the union was ever legalized.

No. 8: Eva Longoria And Tony Parker
After a very public courtship--including a much-publicized break-up and make-up--the Desperate Housewife and NBA star wed in Parker's native France in July 2007. Accusations of Parker "double-dribbling" hit the press in December, which added interest to the couple's otherwise picturesque relationship; he adamantly denies the rumor. Longoria, who is the subject of still other rumors (Is she or isn't she pregnant?), has remained supportive as she cheers him on from the sidelines.

No. 9 (Tie): Cameron Diaz And Justin Timberlake
After a four-year relationship rife with rumors--Are they engaged? Are they splitting?--Diaz and Timberlake finally called it quits early last year. But the end for the Hollywood power couple didn't happen happily or quickly: Upon seeing her ex flirting with Seventh Heaven's Jessica Biel (Timberlake's current squeeze) at a Golden Globes party, Diaz reportedly snapped at both stars, garnering plenty of media mentions in the process.

No. 9 (Tie): Jessica Simpson And Tony Romo
The high-profile coupling of Simpson and Romo hasn't exactly been a fan favorite. After the Dallas Cowboys quarterback performed poorly on the field, fans and teammates alike placed blame on the pop-star, dubbing her "Jess the Jinx." The result: Simpson has since stayed out of the spotlight during his games, leaving the paparazzi to snap the hot couple on romantic rendezvous instead.

No. 11: Victoria Beckham And David Beckham
After more than a decade together, Posh and Becks remain a flash-bulb favorite. After their much-publicized move across the pond last year, the always stylish pair consistently garners interest from their kids, careers and celebrity pals.

No. 12: Nicole Richie And Joel Madden
Madden, a rocker with Good Charlotte, and Richie, a pint-sized and scandal-prone celebutante, certainly seemed a tabloid-friendly fit when they paired up in early 2007. But it was their Good Morning America announcement of Richie's pregnancy that ensured the engaged duo would stay in the limelight throughout the year.

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