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MANDY MOORE: I�m Older & Wiser

When Mandy Moore comes for a concert at the Eastwood City on March 12, it will be, to quote one of her movies, �a walk to remember.� Eastwood City happens to be the home of the one and only Walk of Fame hereabouts, the Philippine counterpart of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which is the brainchild of German �Kuya Germs� Moreno in cooperation with Wastwood City.

For the event, Eastwood City will transform its outdoor stage into a unique 2,500-seater amphitheater to accommodate the fans of Mandy who has visited the country twice.

As a refresher, Eastwood City sent Funfare this backgrounder:

Born in Nashua, New Hampshire, on April 10, 1984, Mandy has emerged as one of the hottest young stars of today. Since her first CD release with So Real in 1999, Mandy�s career has flourished as she has released even more hit records, starred in several movies (Princess Diaires 1, A Walk to Remember, Saved, Try 17, Chasing Liberty, Americam Dreamz, How to Deal, License to Wed and, coming soon, Because I Said So).

She has released her own clothing line called MBLEM and has reached enormous success with it as her clothes have been sold in stores all across America.

Her new (fifth) CD, called Wild Hope, was released late last year.

Mandy is never too busy to mind the less fortunate. She donated her time to various charities.

Funfare did an exclusive one-on-one with Mandy a few days ago; she was in New York. The STAR (again, the only Philippine broadsheet Mandy talked to) has done two interviews with Mandy. The first was sometime in 2000 when she was just starting as a singer, during the launch of her album Wanna Be With You in Bangkok and then in 2003 when she came to grace the MTV World Music Summit (and also to promote her album Coverage.)

It�s your second time to visit the Philippines. Any fond memories from your first visit?
�Oh, memories! I remember having a chaotic and crazy time at the hotel we were staying in...I remember having a lot of fun...I remember the people being such lovers of music...Well, I just remember really enjoying myself.�

Of course, the Philippines must be memorable to you because of your �special friendship� with a Filipino, pop star Billy Crawford (who once confessed that he briefly went steady with Mandy who confirmed it).

�Oh, yes, yes, I remember Billy. But I haven�t seen or heard from him in a long time. The last time we performed together was years ago, with the *NSYNC. I haven�t talked to him since then.�

I�m sure your fans in the Philippines are eagerly waiting for your concert...

�...Oh, I�m just as excited to sing for them. I�ll be doing songs from my new (fifth) album, Wild Hope, which was released last year. My concert will be a bit different from the last one over there because it shows me going in a different direction. I�m just too excited to share that piece of myself with my fans over there.�

You�ve been performing in concerts and doing movies. Which one are you more comfortable in, singing or acting?
�In singing, I performing before a �live� audience. There�s nothing more satisfying than seeing your audience enjoy what you are doing and yourself enjoying the whole experience with them. But I do love doing movies, too.�

You write songs, too, don�t you?
�Oh yes, I do!�

How much do you draw from your personal experience when you�re writing songs?
�Subconsciously I do that, I think, just like every other songwriter. You can�t help it.�

Do you write songs better when you�re in love or when you�re out of love?
�You know, it�s easier for me to write songs when I�m not in love. Yes, I my limited experience. Don�t ask me why.�

I�ve seen some of your movies, including A Walk to Remember, Princess Diaries and License to Wed (released recently in the Philippines). You have two more coming soon, Dedication and Southland Tales. In movies, where are you more comfortable, drama or comedy?
�I love doing romantic-comedies because the roles I play are close to who I am, and that makes things easier for me. I play one of those roles in Because I Said So, one of my new movies.�

Who among the actresses do you admire?
�There are a couple of people out there, especially young actresses, people like, uh, Reese Witherspoon. I love the fact that she can do really big mainstream films and kind of go up and do quirky little independent films. She�s loved in both kinds of roles. She�s my role model.�

In an interview published in a recent issue of Jane magazine, you revealed that you went through a period of depression and you arrtibuted it to your split-up with Zach Braff, star of Scrubs. (According to Jane, while promoting his new film, The Last Kiss, Braff opened up about the troubles of dating in Hollywood, saying that his break-up with Mandy in 2006 was due in part to their nine-year age difference and that the scrutiny put on celebrities can be overwhelming. �A relationship is hard, doing it in the public eyes is something that�s very new to me, I was a waiter five years ago and when I was a waiter nobody was telling lies about me in the tabloids. But it�s par for the course.�)

(Mandy was quoted by Jane as saying): �A few months ago, I felt really low, really sad � depressed for no reason. The break-up added to what I was going through, but it�s not the complete reason.�

How do you cope with a broken heart?
�Hmmmm...I guess I just surround myself with people I love and who love me, no matter what. Or I spend some time just being by myself. That helps, I guess.�

By the way, how did you spend Valentine�s Day?
� home.�

Do you find it difficult to combine your career and your love life?
�No, not really. I would I say I don�t find it any more difficult than anybody else would. It�s all about prioritizing and finding equal time for both.�

As far as dating and courtship are concerned, are you the old-fashioned type?
�Hmmmm...A bit old-fasioned and a bit modern. But I don�t find doing my fair share when I�m out on a date.�

You�re 23 and you�ve have gone through a lot of things since you were 15 when you entered showbiz. How different are you now from what you were then?
�Hmmmm...good question. Let me see...Yes, I�m older and wiser. I�ve met new friends and wonderful people in my life. I�ve done things that I�m really proud of. I�ve been through ups and downs but, yes, I�m good!�

(Note: Mandy Moore Live at Eastwood City will be held on March 12, starting at 7:30 p.m. For ticket inquiries, call 687-1499 or 687-6770 to 74; text 0917-8-EWCITY.)

Source: Ricky Lo, Philstardotcom

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