Saturday, February 9, 2008

TONI GONZAGA: 'We were pressured'

Toni Gonzaga confessed that one of the reasons why her romance with Sam Milby was short-lived was because of pressure. The versatile host/comedienne confirmed that she and Sam's previous relationship was on its way to a "real relationship" but was cut short because of complications that surrounded them. "We were busy," revealed the popular host. During those times, their respective careers were both flourishing and held so much promise; Toni on her hosting stints and Sam fresh from his Pinoy Big Brother fame. It can be recalled that Toni hosted Pinoy Big Brother while Sam was a PBB housemate. "Nung nasa Bahay ni Kuya siya, hindi ko pa talaga siya crush nun, pero paglabas niya ng bahay, sabi ko 'Ay ang guwapo pala niya sa personal,'"explained Toni.

Sam returned this admiration for he instantly developed a big crush on the singer. Then their friendship began. Everybody felt that they looked good together. Their chemistry was undeniable. Their first movie team-up, "Your are the One," was a certified blockbuster hit. Yet their individual careers had to come first. They both excelled in what they were doing. But there price to pay, and for them it meant hardly having time for each other. "There was a time na di na kami nagkikita," she added. Looking back, it is safe to assume that their onscreen tandem is more successful than their private romance.Toni added that she also got scared if her parents found out about her budding "relationship" with Sam. Sam confessed that it was Toni who initiated that they stop whatever good relationship they were having, at least romantically. "I think it worked out for the best. We are still good friends. We still have a great friendship in and out," shared Toni.

Sam and Toni are now starring on their third movie together via "My Big Love," which will be showing on theaters on February 27. "My Big Love" is produced by Star Cinema and promises to bring big fun and kilig moments to viewers.


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