Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Daniel Betancourt asks the loveteam Kimerald about romance in this season of love...

On Dating:

How do you ask out somebody you like?
Gerald Anderson: I'll ask hervery politely and plan to eat out together.
Kim Chiu: I will invite him to go out once we are "super" friends already.

Where can you have the most romantic meal?
GA: On the beach, at a rooftop or in a romantic restaurant.
KC: At a fine dining restaurant where we can have a quiet conversation.

What is the best date movie ever?
GA: The Notebook.
KC: A Cinderella Story.

Do you think the harana (serenade) still works?
GA: Yeah, but I've never tried it yet!
KC: Of course. I think it would be very romantic, but I don't think there is any guy who would bother to do it.

On Getting Serious:
How do you know she/he is the one?
GA: When my knees get weak when I'm around her (laughs).
KC: That is difficult to determine. Maybe when I am older and mature enough. [Perharps that is the time] when I feel he is the "one".

What do you do if your parents do not like the person you are seeing?
GA: If my parents know that I really like that person, they would also like her.
KC: I will try my best for him to be friends with my parents.

What does it take to make a "loveteam" last?
GA: Make sure that you do not fight (laughs) and respect each other.
KC: Love your work and be sincere.

On Romance:
What is the most romantic thing a guy/girl can do for a girl/guy?
GA: Set up a dinner date.
KC: Kapag nagharana yung guy. Like the old style ng pangliligaw. (If the guy serenades. Like the old style of courtship).

How do you say "I Love You" without saying it?
GA: Care for her and make her feel special.
KC: Iha-hug ko sya ng soooobbbrraaannnggggg tight (I will hug him very tight).

On Travel:

What is the most romantic place in the Philippines?
GA: Palawan.
KC: There is no such thing as romantic place. If you are with your someone special, that is already romantic.

Source: Smile Cebupacific

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