Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Angel Locsin is MEGA Magazine's Most Beautiful Woman of 2009

Angel Locsin was hailed MEGA Magazine's Most Beautiful Woman of 2009 on their May 2009 issue featuring the 10 Most Beautiful A-list Celebrities of 2009.

MEGA Magazine describe Angel as lustrous, beguiling, unquestionably beautiful and genuinely good-natured.

When asked about what beauty means to her, she said, "
the simpler a woman is, the more beautiful she is because in her simplicity, you�ll instantly see that�s she�s beautiful. Not because she became famous, but because of the way she carries herself, what her aura emanates. That�s what�s beautiful to me. I admire a woman who has confidence, a woman who believes in herself, knows that she�s beautiful, intelligent and sexy and carries herself well, even if she�s not that beautiful in the popular sense. That�s number one.

"Number two, when you talk to a beautiful woman, what she says should make sense. You�ll find a woman more appealing if, from the start, she�s interesting to talk to. Then number three, her personality, of course. You may be intelligent and beautiful, but if you�re not approachable or you�re just not that pleasant to talk to, that�s the deal breaker."

See more of Angel plus 9 other most beautiful women like Nikki Gil, Charo Santos-Concio, Heart Evangelista, Stef Henares, Joanne Ramirez, Audrey Tan Zubiri, Michelle Panemanglor, Korina Sanchez and Carmina Villaroel in the May 2009 issue of MEGA Magazine.

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