Saturday, April 24, 2010

Angelica Panganiban, John Lapus and Eugene Domingo Star in Star Cinema's "Here Comes the Bride" + Movie Trailer and Publicity Photos

What would you do if you found yourself in someone else's body? That is what happens to most of the characters in the upcoming comedy film Here Comes the Bride.

Angelica Panganiban takes on the role of Stephanie, a shy bride who suddenly becomes outgoing and runs after boys. Her character is a Maria Clara type of girl who wants to save her virginity for her fianc� Harold (played by Tom Rodriguez).

Produced by Star Cinema, Octoarts and Quantum Films, Here Comes the Bride shows how one accident changes the lives of people who happen to meet at a crossroads. Several vehicles are en route to the wedding of Angelica's character when a solar eclipse suddenly occurs. As people look up to behold the rare event, the vehicles hit each other, triggering a supernatural event�the souls of the people involved transfer to other persons!

And so, the bride-to-be becomes aggressive since the character of John "Sweet" Lapus enters her body. Sweet portrays a gay makeup artist who ends up being in the body of Angelica. When he finds that he has become a sexy woman, he feels empowered and wants to flirt with as many boys as possible.

Meanwhile, the character of Jaime Fabregas finds himself in the body of Sweet. When he learns that he is in the body of much-younger man, he, too, becomes excited and finds a girlfriend in the person of Kai Cortez.

Eugene Domingo's character is a high-powered attorney who is transported to the body of a maid (portrayed by Tuesday Vargas).

All this time, Harold is clueless about the transfer of Stephanie's soul to someone else. Will he figure out what happened and find his true bride? How will they restore the characters to their respective bodies?

Cherry Pie Picache is cast as the mother of Angelica.

Directed by Chris Martinez, Here Comes the Bride will open in cinemas on May 12, 2010.

Here Comes the Bride - Full Trailer:

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