Monday, April 5, 2010

"You To Me are Everything" - Movie Poster and Publicity Photos

Check out the movie poster of the much awaited comeback film of real life sweethearts Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera titled, "You To Me Are Everything".

Synopsis: Dingdong's character is a city boy who comes from an affluent family. His father's conviction, however, resulted in his loss of assets, status, and even his home.

Marian plays a provincial girl who suddenly found herself with more money than she could imagine. She inherits the bulk of her wealthy father's assets, including the foreclosed mansion of Dingdong's family.

To do honor to her father's legacy, Marian needed to gain some understanding of the assets she inherited. The only business experience she has is her stall in the marketplace. Dingdong is then tapped to train her in managing a business. The two struck a deal and what follows are a series of comedic situations wherein Dingdong tries to exorcise Marian's provincialism. Somewhere along the way though, they fell in love.

Can two people from different worlds make it work?

This Regal Entertainment and GMA Films co-production is open in theaters nationwide on May 5, 2010.

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