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Glee Episode 15 Recap � "The Power of Madonna" Episode

Sue is busy working her Cheerios harder than ever to pay proper homage to her idol Madonna and uses her blackmailing skills to get Figgins to blast Madonna all through the halls. This school just got weirder. Rachel sits the rest of the girls down for a little boy talk and they�ve all got problems. Rachel feels pressured to have sex with Jesse (girl I don�t blame you), Mercedes wishes she had that pressure since the last guy she liked was the �mayor of gay town�, while Artie forgives Tina but trashes her style. While it�s true the whole goth thing died out in 2005, I dig Tina�s purple streaks. What�s even more awkward about this whole conversation is that Mr. Schuester is sitting behind them listening. Creepy. He uses this opportunity to let the guys know how disrespectful they�re being to the girls lately. He hands out an assignment to work on songs by Madonna because she apparently equals feminism.

Rachel is ready and eager to show the guys how it�s done when they�re not excited about performing these songs. The girls dress up and deliver a kick ass rendition of
Express Yourself. I love their costumes but I can�t help but notice how non existent Quinn�s baby bump is. How far along is she supposed to be? And while I�m at it, wasn�t she living with Finn? Anywho, Finn approaches Rachel to see where they are in their relationship and they sing Open Your Heart To Me throughout the hallways. I got majorly dizzy when they ran around the piano. He�s distressed to learn she�s still dating Jesse and Santana takes advantage of this and offers to rid Finn of his V-Card. Also in that same club, are Rachel and Emma. Emma is inspired by the melodies of Madonna blasting through the halls and can�t wait to do the nasty with an overly excited Will. A creepy Jesse pops up in a dark library and tells Rachel he�s willing to wait for the day she�s ready. And when she is? He�ll be properly groomed. Hahah I love this show.

The rivalry between Will and Sue is never ending and she delivers a handful of one liners about his luscious permed hair throughout the episode. Finally snapping somewhere after she declares a bunch of elves are baking cookies on his scalp, Will gets his own dig in and compares Sue to Florence Henderson. Snap! She doesn�t find it half as funny as I do and tears through the halls like a monster. Kurt and Mercedes offer their sympathies and Sue opens up about why she is the way she is. Sort of. It�s almost touching. Kurt and Mercedes offer to give Sue a makeover and together they make a video of the song
Vogue. Seriously amazing. Who knew Sue was hiding those pipes?

What follows is one of the most awkward scenes I�ve watched in a long time. You knew it was coming.
Like a Virgin. Finn, Rachel, and Emma both wait in the bathroom while their prospective lovers wait in the other room and they burst into song. There�s lots of serenading each other on the bed, some awkward grinding and caressing, but great vocals which is all that matters. Santana and Finn are the meaningless kind of slutty couple, Will and Emma are the awkward and cute couple that i feel like i shouldn�t be watching, while Rachel and Jesse are the sweet and sexy couple. Jesse merits them a sexy. Deal with it. It turns out to be a dream sequence with only one couple going through with it. Finn gave up his Vcard while Rachel and Emma cling to their�s. Will�s fine with it but tells Emma to get counseling. Hey Will, remember when you told the guys they weren�t sensitive?�

Jesse shows Rachel how he feels about the situation by transferring to her school. He is now a member of their glee club after leaving Vocal Adrenaline to be with Rachel. He says she means more to him than winning another trophy. Aww. He�s probably lying but I hope he isn�t. The rest of the club is not happy to see him at all. Mercedes and Kurt are mad enough about the lack of solos they receive. Mercedes is tired of being used as the girl they throw in at the end of a song for some big notes. I agree with her there. Kurt and Mercedes decide to join the Cheerios where they can shine like they deserve. They, combined with the Cheerios and the band put together a huge performance of 4 Minutes. In my opinion it�s the best Kurt�s ever sounded and I was totally jamming along.

The guys realize what douches they�ve been and perform a little of What It Feels Like For A Girl. Yay! I love it when Artie gets to sing. Artie apologizes to Tina after she gives him a verbal beat down in the halls that caused me to choke on my drink from laughter. His apology is adorable and he lets her know the door is always open to �get all up on this.� Aww! I love me some Artina! The group gets together before Jesse and Finn can kill each other and they perform Like a Prayer. Will they stay peaceful for long? Probably not.

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