Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Glee Episode 14 Recap � "Hell-o" Episode

Well, first things first. Sue is back like we all knew she would be. After feeding the principal some questionable drugs, getting under the covers until he wakes up, and threatening to twitpic a picture of them to his wife, Sue manages to blackmail her way back into the school. Woohoo! I loves me some Sue. She�s the only one smacking Will verbally when he needs it. To Sue�s delight, Glee�s club status is still not safe. Winning Sectionals meant nothing. If they don�t place at Regionals, then the club is gone. Positivity! Sue would see this as nothing more than a challenge Schuester! It�s motivation!

Rachel is more enthusiastic about her new relationship with Finn. She�s predictably unaware that she�s his obvious rebound and he could care less. He�s not over Quinn and he very bluntly lets Rachel know. Poor girl can never catch a break. Finn acts like such a boob sometimes. Sue convinces Santana and Brittany to go after Finn to help break Rachel�s spirit a little more. Finn is blinded by the double cheerleader sundae that just came his way and he agrees to a date. After a hilarious dinner date complete with spaghetti and very meaningful conversation, they�re unable to seduce Finn properly. Point 1 for Finn. He declares his independence with a performance of Hello, I love you by The Doors. I was dying at the look on Kurt�s face. I�m not usually crazy about his voice but I really liked this one. Until he totally blew off Artie�s high five at the end there. Not cool Finn. Not cool.

Obviously after all of this, Rachel is not a happy camper. And when she�s pissed, she makes it known. After a couple of death glares in Finn�s direction, she performs Gives You Hell by All American Rejects. It�s basically one big eff you to Finn. Everyone joins in and it starts to get really catchy. I missed seeing them all together. The rest of the group doesn�t get enough screen time. I was especially thrilled when Mike (Other Asian to Sue) got the chance to show us his moves and Rachel serenaded a blushing Artie. Will doesn�t love it however, and Rachel goes off in search of a more suitable song.

She heads to the library and runs into Jesse St. James, lead male vocalist of Vocal Adrenaline. Why, hello there indeed Mr. St. James. They end up performing an impromptu duet of Hello by Lionel Richie. In the library. With random violin players who just happen to be there. Suspension of disbelief aside, it�s a great song. I really enjoy having another male powerhouse on the show. Poor Rachel is already in love with him and is blind to the fact that he�s probably using her. The rest of Glee knows what�s up and threaten to quit if she doesn�t leave him. She pretends she has and it can only get more interesting from here.

Last but not least we have Schue and Emma. Everyone�s favorite adorable couple. For awhile anyway. They have their first date and things go south real quick (no pun intended) when Emma confesses to Will that she�s a virgin. Aww! She was hoping Will would still love her despite all her quirks but it couldn�t be more obvious that Will isn�t happy by this news. Pssht. Will turns around and meets with the vocal coach of Vocal Adrenaline. Surprise appearance by Idina Menzel! Before you know it they�re both back on Will�s couch making out. Poor Emma. Will�s a jerk! She slowly starts to realize he�s really not ready for a relationship when Terri shows up to mess with her and fill her head with doubts. Emma tells Will he should probably be alone for awhile. Translation, get your shiz together and stop being such a weiner!

The episode ends with the group getting together to perform Hello Goodbye by The Beatles. Everyone feels the message of the song and start evaluating their recent decisions. Ken is obviously crying his eyes out to this song while he "pulls a Jessica Simpson" by gaining 40 pounds and not showering.

What did you guys think of this episode? What do you think are Jesse�s motives? Will Rachel wise up? Will Terri get even? Will Kurt and Finn finally make out?

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