Saturday, April 3, 2010

Coco Martin Covers Chalk Magazine April 2010 Issue

Coco Martin, the Prince of Pinoy Independent (Indie) movies, is a no ordinary summer boy on the cover of Chalk Magazine April 2010 issue.

Coco gets up close with Chalk:

On his ideal girl:

"Sobrang simple. I�m not into really pretty girls because i�m so insecure! Ha Ha! I get attracted to someone with a broad mind. Not necessarily smart, but someone who knows about the world."

On his courting strategy:

"Ligaw-mata. I�m super shy. If I like a girl, I�d never approach. I would just show her with my eyes. She�ll know I�m interested. I don�t know how to make ligaw. I do it by instinct. If I feel that the girl is interested too and we get to sit beside each other, I�ll just grab her hand. Lucky for me, I haven�t been embarrassed yet."

On summer flings:

"Actually masaya �yun. There�s nothing wrong with it. If you ask me, summer is vacation time. It�s time to let go and relax. Whatever you experience and go through, just enjoy it. It�s the time to explore and who knows what you�ll discover about yourself?"

On his greatest accomplishment:

"I�ve been able to make films that I can be proud of. That�s where I spend my time and my effort. I really have been particular with my filmography."

Chalk Magazine April 2010 issue is now available at all magazine stands nationwide.

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