Tuesday, March 11, 2008

AMERICAN IDOL 7 � Top 12 � Who Was Your Favorite?

And so there�s a new set, a new opening credits � and both servers crashed � what�s up with that? Sigh. I am so stressed. Which was compounded by the fact that most of my favorites are in jeopardy! I actually cried when Ramiele Malubay sang, but then all three judges hated her. Randy Jackson even went on to say that she might be eliminated tomorrow. David Hernandez was accused of doing too much with his song � which is true � but his eyebrow movements are awesome! I love him!

Thankfully, Amanda Overmyer gave a brilliant performance even if she was still panned by Simon Cowell. Would love to see Amanda on the tour. Jason Castro was also panned, but I think he is safe.

Carly Smithson is finally getting some praise, and she�s as scary as ever. I mean: Will she actually win? Is it going to happen? Will I be denied my shock elimination this year???

David Cook and Brooke White gave awesome performances. I love Brooke. She cried. She�s so motherly.

Michael Johns began hitting some notes again � and yes, with Michael, David C, Brooke and Carly � this show is now reminding me of RockStar: INXS and Supernova! Is this really the direction that this show wants to go?

Kristy Lee Cook gave the worst performance this season of any Idol by doing a Beatles-song country-style. And unfortunately for Syesha Mercado and Chikezie, they sang #1 and #2 � which is the classic setup for elimination in the Top 12. The writing is on the wall with Chikezie getting praised by the judges with his performance � although it may very well be Ramiele Malubay going home tomorrow which is why I�m so stressed out � remember her fans don�t dare buy any of her music � maybe she really has no fans!

And finally, the biggest shock of the night: Our poor baby David Archuleta choked under the pressure. I felt so bad. He was so stressed from his interview up to the performance. It�s going to be David vs. the Goliaths from here on out. We can still pull this off. Arch Angels, we have a mission! Go David Archuleta!


Filipino-American Ramiele Malubay performs �In My Life� on American Idol Top 12

David Archuleta performs �We Can Work It Out� on American Idol Top 12

David Hernandez performs �I Saw Her Standing There� on American Idol Top 12

Michael Johns performs �Across the Universe� on American Idol Top 12

Brooke White performs �Let It Be� on American Idol Top 12

Kristy Lee Cook performs �8 Days a Week� country-style on American Idol Top 12

Amanda Overmyer performs �You Can�t Do That� on American Idol Top 12

David Cook performs �Eleanor Rigby� on American Idol Top 12

Carly Smithson performs �Come Together� on American Idol Top 12

Jason Castro performs �If I Fell� on American Idol Top 12

Chikezie performs �She�s A Woman� on American Idol Top 12

Syesha Mercado performs �Got To Get You Into My Life� on American Idol Top 12

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