Wednesday, March 26, 2008

YENG CONSTANTINO is Still Hurting After a Breakup with RJ JIMENEZ

Pinoy Dream Academy grand winner Yeng Constantino said she is still mending her broken heart after a breakup, but affirmed that she is now moving on with her life.

"I think I'm okay now. I'm not going to say that I'm happy but I'm moving on because you see... I'm strong."

Constantino's statement stemmed from reports of her sudden breakup with her off-screen parter and former PDA scholar RJ Jimenez, that she first revealed during an interview with hosts Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino in their daily morning program Boy & Kris.

After the recent split up Constantino revealed she is still feeling the pain, but is certain that she is now stronger than ever.

"I think this is just part of growing up and I believe that I have to experience all those things, and I think it's okay," the nineteen-year-old singer-composer said.

Constantino admitted that "technically" Jimenez was her first love, which is why she cried when they decided to part ways.

"For me it's really painful, I don't know but it's something like that," she said.

When asked if she is ready to share the exact reason behind the breakup, Constantino replied, "It's just like that. We'd been very busy, we are attending to a lot of things. You see before as in everyday we were together inside the PDA and you cannot help but to feel affection."

The singer recalled that her special feeling for Jimenez grew while they were still inside the academy and continued after they stepped out of the academy.
"I'm not gonna deny it, I really like RJ becaue he is so kind."
According to Constantino she last saw Jimenez during a rehearsal of the weekly show ASAP '08 but they did not even talk.

Now, the artist has decided not to entertain suitors and to just concentrate on her work.

"No dating. I will just focus on my career, my family. I really need to help my family not just my mother or father but as well as my lola and my other relatives."

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