Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Britain's Got Talent...Since When Has The Philippines Been British?

Author's Note:
[I chanced upon this article at 'yahoo answers' this morning and made me think about how other people reacted to something without even checking their concerns twice. You might say they're just bigheaded, insecure?...mmm, maybe racist, or wala lang, may masabi lang.

Why don't you be the judge. Read below and share your thoughts.... ]

Last night on Britain's Got Talent, there was an emotional performance of a Filipino female singer. I grant you, she had a great voice...but is there not a clue in the title of the programme? BRITAIN'S got talent!

She should not be eligible to enter, as she is clearly not a british subject, and only wants to to win OUR competition, and send OUR money home to the Philippines?

I'm not against talent, but this is a home grown show for home grown talent, and is quite clear in it's purpose.
Am I the only one who sat up and shouted at the TV in amazement that she got onto the show, let alone past the judges?

I'm interested to hear what you lot think about this...

Additional Details

Hmm, this seems to have stirred up a bit of a hornets nest. I'm no racist. I'm not agianst the girl personally, and I do admire her guts to leave her home land to seek work at the high price of leaving her two children at home. Us single mums have to make a lot of sacrifices to 'bring home the bacon', but I just felt it was not really in the spirit of the show.

Yes, I know she's been over here for 18months working, yes I know we as british citizens have a very mixed ancesteral history to us,(take the 10 yr old singer Charlie Green, who is of mixed parentage; white father/oriental mother) but this girl is NOT british (why else would she be introduced to us as a filipino if she was). It just struck me that this 'Britain' based talent show was not the place for her 'sob story', genuine as I believe it is.

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