Sunday, April 13, 2008

DJ MONTANO Speaks Up On �Defamatory� Statements by BRIAN GORELL

Controversial writer/photographer DJ Montano finally broke his silence with regards to the accusations of Brian Gorell through his blog.

In the interview with Korina Sanchez with DJ Montano and his family, some of the following points were explained:

1. There were no $70,000 involved

2. DJ Montano is not a cocaine addict

3. There were no business plans with Gorell

4. DJ Montano clarifies that he is not a thief

5. He is filing a libel case here or in Australia

6. He is not hiding and he didn�t left the country

On the other hand, Brian Gorell immediately posted a reply on his blog after he watched the interview:

�I am just shattered. I have just watched the entire interview. Just devastated at the lies. I just don�t understand how he could deny everything. I don�t understand how the entire family can deny the scam/ theft. To see his mother. Say those things. I hurt so deeply. She found a way to brag about how much money they have. Rubbing salt into my wounds. B*TCH.�

Source: abscbnnews, starmometerdotcom

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