Friday, April 29, 2011

Can I Marry Prince Harry?� Compatibility Test

Since Prince William is already taken and Harry is your last chance to become a princess, check out if you are compatible with the Royal younger brother.

As the world gets set to celebrate the Royal nuptials, a Royal compatibility survey was launched for wannabe princesses who are now eyeing on the royal younger brother. The URL is

The 11 questions in the quiz are all about Prince Harry. You will be tested on how you would behave in certain situations, what you would describe to be your personal style and whether, when it comes to the affairs of the Royals, you can keep quiet or run screaming to the tabloids!
In keeping with most of the news about the wedding of the century, this is just a bit of fun, so why not try the quiz now and check if you�re qualified to become a princess.

On the website, you can upload a photo of yourself and once you learn your percentage match with Harry, you can share the results on Twitter and Facebook! Why not also challenge your friends to find out who is better matched? This April 29th, as you watch Kate and Will beaming on their happy day, just think, next year that could be you and Harry!

However, even if you score 100%, you unfortunately won�t receive Harry in the post!

Visit to view and take the quiz or visit the Facebook fan page and enter by clicking on the survey app.

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