Thursday, April 28, 2011

Marlene Aguilar, Jason Ivler's Mom Fined With P20K By QC-RTC

Marlene Aguilar-Pollard, the mother of murder suspect Jason Ivler was ordered on Tuesday by the Quezon City Regional Trial Court judge a fine of P20,000 for indirect contempt.

The order was resulted to an incident last March 23 where Aguilar reportedly bestowed Judge Bayani Vargas of Branch 219 her violent reaction for the latter's refusal to grant their camp's request to have her son excused from attending the proceedings. Aguilar also reportedly challenged the judge to a fist fight, prompting him to order her out of the court.

Judge Bayani also warned Aguilar that she would be put behind bars if she continues to display discourtesy towards him.

However, Aguilar's lawyer Atty. Priscilla Marie Abante immediately defended her client and said that her client only got mad during the hearing and vented out her frustration over a television station after ballistic test and the gun used in the murder of Renato Ebarle Jr.'s son was reportedly missing. Abante also said that the judge's denial of Ivler's request to be excused from the hearing after no witnesses were present that day made Aguilar very furious.

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