Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cristy Fermin Slammed by Righteous Group Due To Sexist Statements

Showbiz talk show host and columnist Cristy Fermin, who is currently getting a lot of below-the-belt attacks from Twitter users due to her last Sunday's interview with Aiko Melendez' ex-boyfriend Bulacan Mayor Patrick Meneses (read related article HERE) on TV5's Paparazzi, is also facing criticisms due to her sexist statements which condone abuse of women.

On February 24's episode of daily showbiz talk show "Juicy" where Fermin is one of the hosts, Fermin made a statement many viewed as demeaning to women.

Fermin and her co-hosts IC Mendoza, Mo Twister, Alex Gonzaga and Shalala were discussing John Estrada�s alleged double-meaning spiels on the noontime show �Happy Yipee Yehey!�

And at one point, Fermin said: �Pero alam mo dalawang tao lang kasi, dalawang lalaking personalidad lang ang parang pinapayagan ng publiko na maging 'matulis'. Si Rico J. Puno lang at saka si Willie (Revillame). 'Pag sila ang nag-deliver para bang malaking karangalan mo pang mabastos ka�"

Watch the video here:

The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women � Asia Pacific (CATW-AP) Executive Director Jean Enriquez, finds Fermin's statement a clear case of women rights violation and dignifying harassers.

That statement justifies sexual harassment when done by certain individuals. Is there a worse way of humiliating women than by dignifying harassers?� Enriquez said.

"She also blasted the impression that it is okay to harass women, or even children, �as long as one is able to 'deliver it well' ala-Rico J. or Willie R.� she further said.

Aside from that, Fermin also reported to condemned Aiza Seguerra's lifestyle and gender preferences when she made "(Aiza) Seguerra should not talk about morality as she lives an immoral life,� statement during one of the show's episode.

Enriquez said it �maligns lesbians as immoral.

Homophobia and stigmatization of lesbians is also a form of gender-based violence. Both [statements] are appallingly, terribly sexist statements which condone abuse of women.� she said.

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