Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Puerto Galera, A Vacationers' Haven

PUERTO GALERA - Vacationers continued to arrive in Puerto Galera, around 130 kilometers south of Manila, here in the province of Oriental Mindoro.

Many more people arrived in White Beach, Puerto Galera's most popular beach, as the hours passed on Thursday.

A lot of the hotels, especially the cheaper ones, were already fully booked, although there were still a few rooms available for walk-in customers in some hotels as of Thursday morning.

Resort owners were hoping that more tourists will arrive within the day, considering the very low turnout of tourists in the first few days of Holy Week.

A lot of resort owners were concerned they won't be able to reach the usual 10,000 yearly number of Holy Week vacationers in White Beach.

However, they were very optimistic that beginning Thursday until Friday, which is the start of vacation for many Filipinos, more people will be arriving to join the fun.

Tourists, however, are advised that partying and merry-making, which Puerto Galera is famous for, won't be allowed on Good Friday.

The municipal government of Puerto Galera said it wants Friday to be a time for reflection, for peace and quiet, specially for Catholic tourists here.

The parish is open and inviting tourists to particiapte in their Lenten activities beginning Thursday until Easter Sunday.

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