Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lawrence Villanueva, AJ Perez' Cornea Beneficiary

Two days after eye doctor Dr. Mae Singson announces that Fatima Soriano - the Perez' family's chosen beneficiary of AJ Perez' cornea, is not eligible for corneal transplant, Sta. Lucia Eye Bank immediately awarded AJ's left cornea to another lucky recipient - Lawrence Villanueva.

Lawrence, who has been suffering from poor eyesight on his left eye for more than three years now, can't contained his happiness on this very good news.

God really works in different ways talaga,� 28 year-old Lawrence said.

Kahit na anong donor pa iyan, kidney or heart, it�s their legacy eh. It�s part of them also,� he added.

Lawrence, who personally claimed AJ's left cornea, had his successful eye operation today. He is also scheduled to meet the Perez' family anytime after today's operation.

Dr. Menguita Padilla, President of Sta. Lucia Eye Bank praises the Perez family in their decision to donate AJ's cornea despite the pain they're going through right now due to the lost of their son.

Humahanga ako sa mga tao na, imagine, nagdadalamhati ka, naghihinagpis ka, namatay ang anak mo, pero naisip mo pa na mag-donate,� Dr. Padilla said.

Dr. Menguita also revealed that AJ's right cornea will be given to an unnamed 8-year-old boy.

Photo credit: TV Patrol, ABS-CBN

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