Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Carrie Underwood Attracted More Audience Than NBA Playoffs 2011 Orlando Magic vs Hawks Game

(Photo taken at the 2007 CMT Music Awards)

There�s no doubt that Carrie Underwood is probably the best country singer of this generation, as she happens to please every audience she performs to.

Carrie Underwood sings from her heart and her beauty shines through, inside and out. Though I don�t think she would ever be able to clinch the NBA Championship for Orlando, she would probably drive everyone wild with her voice, even if they lost the title.

It seems that the Girls� Night Out: Superstar Women of Country drew more viewers than the Orlando Magic game against the Hawks last Friday night, when may viewers in Orlando tuned out to watch Carrie Underwood sing, instead of watching Dwight Howard�s magnificent ball play, inching Orlando closer to the title.

The country concert outdrew the NBA playoff game. The Orlando Sentinel reported the concert drew 118,000 viewers while the NBA game took in 98,000. This type of story would never happen in Boston, New York or Los Angeles. Everything stops come playoff time in those towns. Granted, the Magic are getting their lunches handed to them at the moment by the Hawks.

The Girls� Night Out performance show aired on CBS at the same time as the game between the Magic and the Hawks. The concert featuring Carrie Underwood had 118,000 viewers, while the NBA game only had 98,000. Though a great number, it seems like Carrie Underwood and her ladies outshined the brothers who played their toughest NBA Playoff game yet.

Interestingly, this has never happened to any other team like Boston, New York or Los Angeles, as time stops whenever there is NBA Playoffs in their towns.

However, Orlando had been losing the games so far against the Atlanta Hawks, and that�s more reason for citizens of Orlando to watch as this may be the last few moments to see Dwight Howard in his Orlando Magic jersey.

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