Monday, April 25, 2011

Jennylyn Mercado To File Case Against Dennis Trillo

Ex-lovers Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo are facing a post-relationship battle that might end in court for reasons only the two of them could tell.

The two broke-up on March 5 after barely a year of dating. Some say Dennis was a jealous streak that lead to Jen being a physically abused girlfriend. But those who are close to Dennis says Jen is getting intimate again with Patrick Garcia, the biological father of Jen's son AJ (Alex Jazz) that's why the actor decided to let go of their relationship.

In a report by showbiz reporter Nelson Canlas, Jen is expected to drop a bomb that could tarnish the reputation of her ex-boyfriend anytime next month (as Cristy Fermin reported yesterday on Juicy Express, Jen's big revelations will happen days before her concert on May 7. What a timing! Do we smell "promo" here?).

Naibulong sa akin ni Jennlyn na hindi na raw niya paaabutin ng buwan ng Mayo at sasabihin na niya na ang tunay na dahilan ng break-up nila ni Dennis at sinabi rin niya na maaaring makaapekto ito or maaring may mga taong maapektuhan o ma-shock sa kanyang revelations,� Nelson reported.

But reports say that Dennis isn�t bothered at all by Jen's rumored threat.

Alam n�yo kung meron mang pasasabugin, dapat nu�ng umpisa pa lang kasi, �di ba, anong use?� Dennis said.

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